(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We fade back to a time of Anne-marie’s highly anticipated comeback to SKW after a misfortunate injury. She’s back and teamed-up with the lovely and gleeful Monroe. The ladies celebrate their newfound partnership with a charming set of matching striped bikinis and knee-high socks to boot. The duo flex as they declare their goal to finally take down Tiny and end his reign over the SKW cast. They strike charismatic poses as their anticipated target prowls in from behind. Their chitchat is interrupted as Tiny grips them both by the hair, then secures them tightly in a dual sleeperhold. The girls feel around with impotence as their vision grows dim, helpless to find a way out of the giant’s clutches. Their soft pleads are silenced with a tightened grip and they’re left to crumble to the mats, face down and off to a rough start.

Tiny sets his sights on Monroe first by targeting her flexing arms with massive leg drops and knees. She’s yanked up by the hair and her arm is cranked into a hammerlock. With the hold still applied, he scoops her up for a body slam to drop her on the twisted limb. Anne gets the same treatment with heavy strikes to her arm and also suffers a hammerlocked body slam that drops her into twitches. A limb check to the damaged arm ruins her rest and she’s lifted for a second hammerlock body slam. She whimpers in pain and Tiny repositions her to focus on her other arm. A knee drop prods her to beg for forgiveness and Tiny eases up, only to bring Monroe back in the mix. The girls are left face down and adjacent for Tiny to apply churning chickenwing holds. The girls groan and kick helplessly as their confidence is milked. The pair lie enevervated and ripe for Tiny to land a set of dual belly splashes for pleasing KOs.

Monroe finds herself against the wall and Tiny lays into her midsection with assorted blows. Anne gets the same treatment as she’s set up against the other side of the dungeon. An irish whip sends Monroe crashing into Anne and Tiny follows up with running wall splashes that leave the duo in a prone body pile. After stacking the girls up, Tiny continues the beating with a series of running belly splashes that crunch their ribs to dust. They don’t survive the limb check and Tiny proceeds with a rear two-handed throat lift to Monroe, leaving her dangling before she feebly drops onto a vulnerable Anne. Tiny mounts to mock and engage in limp play with Anne, then separates them. Anne catches a two-handed throat lift herself and lifelessly flops onto Monroe.

A pair of hand stomps awakens the girls and Tiny sets Anne up in a snapping torture rack. He drops to one knee bending her back even further and manages to trap Monroe in an over-the-knee backbreaker. The unstoppable force bends the ladies in two and presses against their jaws, forcing them to pass out from the intense pressure. The damsels are placed side by side and Tiny goes for a 10-count matchbook pin, but in cruel Tiny fashion the pin is ‘mysteriously’ kicked from. Anne is yanked by the hair and receives a knee to the ribs that hurls her over. She’s lifted and planted with a piledriver that leaves her twisted and twitching. Monroe gets a belly blow and piledriver of her own that turns her to a twitchy doll as well. Tiny gets back to Anne and delivers a nasty small package piledriver that has her curled up and twitching in his grasp. Monroe is dealt the same slam and the twosome is left a convulsing heap.

Tiny jars the girls awake with hairpulling, then twists their arms with pretzel-like hammerlocks. The ladies cry out as the submission wears further on their maimed limbs. A dual arm flip throw topples them to the mats where they lie deteriorated. Tiny doesn’t let up as he hoists Anne into the air with a double armed chickenwing. Monroe is doomed to endure the same hold, leaving the couple depleted. Their arms see further torment as Tiny twists them around with more hammerlocks. He taunts them by provoking them to swing with their new impairments, but their efforts lead to bruised egos. Tiny adds insult with a pair of shoulder breakers to the femmes that lay them out.

The end is near for the tag team as Tiny decides it’s time for his dreaded finisher. His might parades Anne to the ceiling for a 360 view and an atrocious triple tombstone piledriver that gives her an early sense of rigor mortis and a twitchy fit. Tiny raises Monroe for the same fate and she begs for mercy with every fiber of her being. Tiny remains numb to her desperation and administers the same barbaric finisher that victimized Anne. With the girls left spasming and unable to continue, Tiny is declared the winner, but of course he isn’t finished yet.

A stool is retrieved from offsides and placed in the center. Tiny then strews both beauties across it, setting them upside down for his next disastrous maneuver. Massive hammerfirsts come cracking down on their foreheads, recoiling them forward as they grow more and more punchdrunk. The final blow splits them up as they roll off to the sides for an impactful finisher. He decides enough is enough with a dual 10-count matchbook pin. Just like the others, they end up dangled over his shoulders as he displays his supremacy. He then heads to the back to add another couplet of trophies to his already ENDLESS pile.

Dual sleeperhold KO
Leg drops to arm
Knee drops to arm
Hammerlocks / dual hammerlocks
Hammerlock body slam KOs
Dual belly splash KO
Belly strikes
Dual wall splashes KO
Belly splashes to body pile KO
Rear two-handed throat lift KOs
Torture rack KO
Backbreaker KO
Dual 10-count matchbook pins
Piledriver KOs
Small package piledriver KOs
Dual hammerlock arm flip throws
Double chickenwing lifts
Tilt-a-whirl shoulder breaker KOs
Tiny special KOs
Dual stool-assisted hammerfists KO
Dual OTS carry
Victory pose
Instant replay
Body pile
Eye checks
Limp play
Limb checks
Twitching / convulsing


Length: 41 min
Price: 38.99