DESTINY OF THE BELT: part twenty seven

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Sumiko is pacing around the mats, furious. She’s heard rumors that Sapphire started which say Sumiko is injured and should just retire. As Sumiko is getting more heated and talking about how angry she is, Sapphire herself waltzes in. Sapphire explains that she spread the rumors on purpose to get Sumiko right where she is. Sapphire wants to have a match for her champ belt. All Sumiko has to do is endure her beat down for 15-20 minutes without submitting more than three times. Sumiko agrees, and the match is on.

As they move towards a lock up, Sapphire switches things up and slams home a belly button pressure point. She makes short work of Sumiko right from the beginning, taking her out with the pressure point and then having her wake up to a nice coupling of belly stomps and a suplex.

Sumiko tries her best to hang in there and not submit to the powerful heel Sapphire. She’s brought through a plethora of painful holds that bring her right to the edge, and sometimes over the edge. Sapphire is cocky and taunts her prey relentlessly. It seems as though Sapphire is just hanging out, when she is in fact causing Sumiko immense pain.

After some submissions have been made, Sapphire writes ‘Fragile, Handle with care’ on the unconscious Sumiko’s belly. Sumiko starts to come to as Sapphire is finishing her writing. Sapphire chastises Sumiko for waking up and jabs another pressure point tactic into her belly. Sumiko goes out for good, and Sapphire ends the match with a bonus submission, making the final count 4. She victory poses and maintains possession of her belt.


belly pressure point
belly stomps
belly claw
belly punches
boston crab
over the knee back breaker (with elbow drive to belly and choke)
ceiling hold (with and without sleeper)
belly splashes
torture rack
single shoulder torture rack (with choke)
victory pose


Length: 18 min

Price: 15.99