(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

DESTINY OF THE BELT: part thirty one

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We fade in on pro wrestling superstar Laynie Luck, visiting SKW to take on the one and only SKW Woman’s Champion, Sapphire. Laynie’s even brought a friend with her, a little unicorn that she says is her good luck charm and gives her unicorn powers. The Champ stumbles in, having overheard all of that and can no longer contain her laughter. Sapphire regains herself enough to walk over and snatch the plushy from Laynie’s hands. Sapphire turns her back to Laynie as she starts to laugh again at this whole situation. Of course Laynie is upset that Sapphire would turn her back on her, but she is more pissed that Sapphire was so rude, snatching her little friend right out of her hands.

Laynie doesn’t take long to attack Sapphire from behind, saving her little friend from the evil woman and also giving her the early advantage in the match. Laynie doesn’t hold back and uses all the unicorn powers she can muster to dominate the SKW Champ early in this match up. Even though Laynie is able to score several KOs on Sapphire, her unicorn powers are just not enough to put the champ down long enough to score a pin.

Frustrated with Sapphire’s resilience, Laynie decides to play dirty, attempting to use Sapphire’s own title belt to put the champion down. A mistake that Laynie will live to regret.  Sapphire ducks Laynie’s swing of the belt, counters with a kick the gut, that causes Laynie to drop the belt on the floor in front of her as she doubles over and a quick X-Factor has Laynie’s face crashing into the title belt at her feet, rendering her unconscious.

With Laynie knocked out, Sapphire takes complete control over the match. Laynie proves to be pretty resilient herself, as even though she is being completely ripped apart by the SKW Champion, her unicorn powers continue to provide her with the strength she needs to kick out of several pin attempts, but that can only last so long. Sapphire is relentless in her beatdown of the visiting pro and soon enough nothing can save Laynie from this defeat as Sapphire finishes her off with not one, but two Sapphire Bombs then puts Laynie down for the count.

Sapphire makes sure to rub her victory in really good, taking a victory pose with her retained title, taking another victory pose with Laynie knocked out over her shoulder, after an additional KO using her title to hit Laynie in the head and then finally, leaving Laynie laid out in middle of the mat room with her unicorn friend sitting on her belly.


Attack from behind
Belly attacks
Wall splashes
Leg drops
Cross face
Fail pin attempts
Kick outs
“Eat Defeat”
Sleeper holds
Unicorn smother
Belly splashes
Head smash into wall
Bear hug
Fireman’s Stunner
Leg nelson
Face F**ker
Reverse head scissors
Boston crab
Camel clutch
“Attitude Adjustment”
Body slam
Tombstone / head scissors counter
Double KO
Kick to the head
Sapphire Bomb 2x
Victory pose
Head smash with title
OTS victory pose


Length:  28 min
Price: 24.99