(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

DESTINY OF THE BELT: part thirty


We open with current SKW champ Sapphire on the mat, voicing her concerns about this new girl, Kayla, who has been emailing her about a match, to the point of cyber-stalking.  As Sapphire runs through the list of ways she feels creeped out, Kayla suddenly appears from behind her, chair in hand, which she sends smashing between Sapphire’s shoulders, dropping the amazon to the ground.  Stunned, Sapphire flails as Kayla hauls her back to her feet, only to ram her head first into the nearby wall over and over, before unloading a series of belly punches into Sapphire’s abdomen, making her stagger doubled over, perfectly positioned to be polished off with a pedigree.  Sapphire’s head bounces off the mat and she lays clutching her neck as Kayla crawls over her, hitting a series of leg drops to the back of Sapphire’s neck, scooting in to count out a pin, which Sapphire just barely kicks out of.

Not deterred, Kayla hauls Sapphire back to her feet and then runs at the nearby wall, Sapphire’s head locked under her shoulder, spinning her into an off-the-wall DDT that rocks her head off the mat.  Kayla float over her attempting to pin her again, but only manages seven before Sapphire kicks out. Kayla hauls her back to her feet, attempting to yank her up into a powerbomb, but Sapphire puts on the brakes and instead launches Kayla into a brutal back drop that leaves Kayla twitching. Sapphire decides o return the favors, throwing Kayla head first into the wall before absolutely unloading punch after punch into Kayla’s belly, followed up by a series of running knee lifts that drop the spunky competitor to the floor.  The perfect place for a series of belly splashes followed up by a camel clutch that makes Kayla’s eyes roll and cross before fluttering shut.

Sapphire goes on the attack, punishing Kayla in brutal torture racks than make her pass out, cradle sharp shooters that make her squeal, cradle suplexes that rock Kayla’s head, surfboard stretches that make Kayla twitch and whimper, modified sleeper holds that have her eyes rolling as she gasps for air, bearhugs that crush the air out of her, head vices that make her spasm and thrash as drool dribbles from her mouth, a leg hooked double arm bar that makes Kayla beg and scream until she passes out, head smashes into the mat, or more.  Has Kayla bitten off more than she can chew?

Swinging neck breaker
Crossed eyes
Red face
Pile driver
Sleeper hold
Sharp shooter
Tombstone piledriver
Running knee lift
Belly splashes
Belly punches
Belly slapping
Belly stomping
Leg drop
Back drop
Cradle piledriver
Cradle suplex
Camel clutch


Length: 26 min

Price: 22.99