(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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We open on Laynie and Sumiko sprawled over once another, both wearing halter tops and blue jeans, completely knocked out.  Slowly they begin to come to, confused and disoriented, not knowing where they are or how they got there.  As the two agents start to question each other, a voice comes over a loudspeaker, informing them both that they have been captured and trapped in a death game where they will have to combat each other in order to escape. Whichever agent is able to knock the other out the most in a set period of time will get to escape the chamber, but only after finishing their opponent off. There has even been provided a bag of goodies and weapons the agents may use.  Warily the two agents agree to the terms, seeing no other way out of their predicament.
Quickly the trash talking starts between the rivals, already not fans of one another, before Laynie fires a punch for Sumiko’s head.  Sumiko blocks the haymaker and counters with a quick shot to Laynie’s belly, but the second attempt is reversed and Laynie returns in kind, her fist buried deep into Sumiko’s abs, followed quickly by a series of knee lifts that further wind her.  Grabbing Sumiko by the head, Laynie fires her skull-first into the wall, stunning her and dropping her to the floor, an opportunity Laynie doesn’t waste as she swoops in over her downed adversary and grips her in a brutal arm bar.  Sumiko struggles and thrashes, but Laynie’s thighs clamp around her neck, trapping her.  As her eyes roll and her gasps grow more desperate, Sumiko’s strength begins to fade and her eyelids begin to flutter, crossed eyes rolling back into her head.  At last she can fight no more, sinking into unconsciousness.  Laynie hears the voice over the speakers again, informing her that the knockout only counts if Sumiko can’t answer a ten-count.  Laynie obliges, counting down her rival and picking up the first knockout.
Wanting to get another win quickly, Laynie stomps Sumiko in the belly to bring her around, then hauls her upright into a crushing sleeper hold, keeping Sumiko on her feet as she flails around helplessly, her eyes rolling and crossing as her face reddens deeper.  Gasping and thrashing slowly turns to weak writhing as the pressure takes hold, and at long last Sumiko’s eyes roll shut as she slump down to the floor once again unconscious. Laynie counts to ten once again, picking up a second win
Another stomp to the belly shocks Sumiko out of her delirium, before Laynie props her up into a sitting position, only to fire kick after stiff kick into Sumiko’s back and neck, the impacts shuddering through the young agent’s body.  Laynie then steps back and takes a run at her, hitting a double drop-kick right to the small of Sumiko’s back, making her eyes fly wide then close as the damage takes its toll.
Sumiko begins to come around and Laynie steps in to deal out more damage, but this time Sumiko is ready for her, firing a fist up between Laynie’s thighs, low-blowing her.  As Laynie staggers, Sumiko grabs her, throwing her near the wall, then hand-springs over her, suddenly dropping down with a belly splash that explodes the air from Laynie’s lungs.  Laynie gasps and wheezes as Sumiko hits hand-stand belly splashes over and over, demonstrating her balance and skill.  At last Laynie’s crossed eyes roll and flutter shut, her body going still.  Informed about the ten-count rule, Sumiko obliges and picks up her first victory
With an opportunity to gain points, Sumiko roll’s Laynie onto her belly, then crawls over her, wrapping powerful thighs around Laynie head and neck, squeezing with crushing force. Laynie struggles and writhes under her, but Sumiko hooks her ankle for extra pressure and shortly Laynie’s fight leaves her as she passes out.   With another ten-count, Sumiko is back in this game of death.
A groggy Laynie gets woken up before Sumiko drops her to the floor again which a powerful knife edge chop to the chest, following up the assault quickly with a set of three leg drops to Laynie’s throat, before rolling the stunned agent onto her stomach and hitting another three to the back of her neck, making Laynie spasm and thrash from the impacts before passing out, her butt wavering high in the air humiliatingly.  With another count to ten, Sumiko now has the lead.
Deciding it’s time to give herself an edge, Sumiko turns to the bag of tricks, selecting a can of knockout spray, but as she turns to use it, Laynie has already come to and makes a grab for the canister. The agents struggle fiercely over the weapon but then accidentally discharge it between them, the mist filling their lungs, making the wobble and stumble groggily before the crash down the floor, sprawled over each other, both knocked out
Laynie manages to come around first and grabs the can, giving Sumiko a face full of its contents, making the tough assassin’s eyes cross as she goes woozy, crumbling to the floor in a heap. Another ten count and Laynie has tied up the score
With a stomp to the belly, Laynie then brings Sumiko out of her slumber, hauling her to her feet before running her head-first into the wall, stunning her.  Deciding it’s time for a new weapon, Laynie searches through the bag and finds a hardened billy-club.  Sumiko stumbles towards her only to take the club right in the belly, winding her as air explodes from puffed cheeks.  As Sumiko slumps against the wall, Laynie lays into her over and over with the club, battering her belly mercilessly, complete with slow-mo replay.  After the barrage finishes, Sumiko folds over, crashing chest first into the floor, passed out with her butt high.  Laynie counts another easy ten count and takes the lead.
Laynie once again stomps on Sumiko’s belly to bring her around, but as she steps away to look for the bag, Sumiko drops down and fires a low blow up between her thighs.  Sumiko grabs the club and bashes Laynie over the head with it, dropping her to the ground with her butt high, then delivers a coup de grace shot to the back of the downed agent’s skull, knocking her out. A ten count and the score is once again tied.
Using her considerable strength, Sumiko hauls Laynie up to her feet before picking up and spinning her, head between her legs. Laynie pleads but to no avail as Sumiko drops down, crashing Laynie’s head to the floor with a devastating tombstone piledriver.  Sumiko obligingly counts to ten once again before waking Laynie up intent on more destruction. Laynie surprised her with a low blow that stuns the raven-haired agent, before scooping her up in return, dropping her with her own tombstone piledriver, knocking Sumiko out cold.  Wearily Laynie counts to ten once more, taking the lead.
Into the bag Laynie once again dives, this time pulling out a taser. As she spins back to attack Sumiko, her opponent is back on her feet and clocks the taser. The two agents struggle, trying to pry the weapon away from each other before crashing together, causing the taser to activate and electrocute them both. They shudder and spasm in place before crashing down to the floor on top of one another, making the taser continue to torture them both.  The agents jiggle and spasm as drool bubbles from their lips before passing out.
As both girls finally come to, their captor once again fills the speakers with his voice, informing them that they are in sudden death, and that the next knockout will win the contest.  Laynie whirls, taking a swing for Sumiko’s face, but Sumiko blocks the punch, swinging through it and planting her foot under Laynie’s chin.  With a drop to the ground, Laynie eats defeat, her head rocked hard.  Wearily Sumiko counts to ten one last time, winning her freedom… so long as she dispatches her opponent for good.  Plucking a knife from the bag, Sumiko straddles her head and plunges it into Laynie’s neck.  After a spasming reaction, Laynie lies still.  Checking her pulse to confirm the kill, Sumiko has earned her freedom, staggering towards the now unlocked door and escaping, leaving her opponent lying in the middle of the room.

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Death battle
Belly punching
Knee lifts
Belly stomping
Arm bar
Neck scissors
Sleeper hold
Drop kick
Leg drop
Hand stand belly splash
Knife edge chop
Crossed eyes
Rolling eyes drool
Knock out spray
Double knockouts
Tombstone piledriver
Billy club
Halter tops
Eat defeat
Low blows


Length: 31 min
Price: 26.99