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We fade in on Agent Cameron as she receives orders from her off-screen boss.  Her task is to defeat the powerful Agent Kelly…whose powers reside in her boots and gloves!   Given a sentry costume, Cameron positions herself and waits.  Kelly sneaks in, and while her initial attacks are effective, Cameron quickly attacks her power sources, removing and disabling them, leaving the now mortal Kelly OPEN to a myriad of KOs and attacks that render her completely unconscious at the end of this amazing custom clip!


from Kelly:
belly punching
belly kicks
attempted choke hold
from Cameron:
snap mare
sleeper hold
belly punching
belly claw
figure four leglock
piledriver KO
chloroform extended KO
face punches
uppercut KO
boston crab
triangle choke
tranq gun KO
blackjack KO
second piledriver KO
reverse piledriver KO
tazer KO
OTS carry


Length:  12 min
Price: 9.99