(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)

DANNY’S BEATDOWNS: chapter one

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Face to face stand Danny and Coco as they check each other’s temperatures for this encounter. Coco is a bit pressed about the facesit that took her tag partner out of commission as Danny isn’t too happy about the piledriver that injured his own. They hit their corners and disrobe to swimwear for the match. They meet in the middle and tie up to set things off.

Coco takes the lead with knees to Danny’s midsection and shoves him to the wall. She ravages his core with a series of rights and flips him over with a snapmare. Ripe for a submission, she snares him in a reverse headscissor. She wiggles about as the submission is applied, adding a tease to the squeeze. Her sights go back to the midsection as she crashes down on him with numerous belly splashes. She comes from behind with a rear seated sleeper. Her chokehold drains him to the end of his wits and he exhausts in her submission. She plants on his face with a frontal facesitting pin and successfully scores a 10-count, then poses with a foot on his chest as she takes the first fall.

In the 2nd round they start with another tie-up and Danny secures around Coco with a lifting bearhug. She tries her damndest to break free as she shoves and beats at his arms, but to no avail. His squeeze at her solar plexus deprives her of desperately needed air till she goes comatose in his grasp. He drops her to the mats and reciprocates the belly splashes she dealt in the last round. She remains slightly responsive to the limb checks and he repositions her for a front headlock. The snug pressure against her trachea siphons her wind and sends her to the mats belly first as her knees buckle. She tries to get to her knees again, but a tightened cinch drops her again as vanquished moans precede her unconsciousness. She emits a few jolting twitches and he rolls her over for a belly punch. She’s startled awake and clutched into his frontal headscissor for another chokehold. She squirms and struggles in the hold until she passes out and he sets her up for a leg hooking 10-count matchbook pin. She’s left sprawled and drained with her nipples peeking from her bikini top.

Back to back they stand as referee Faith counts down for the next round. Coco engages in slimy play as she interrupts the count with a debilitating low blow to Danny. She rides his face with a frontal facesit and gradually puts him to sleep. A hard pound to the stomach knocks him awake and her offense continues with a reverse facesit. She goes for the single leg hook pin, but only scores an 8 count. She deals her own frontal headscissor, squeezing at his neck till he’s out cold. She secures a single leg hook pin through his twitches and scores her second fall of the match before striking another foot-to-chest victory pose

The coming round sees a slower start as they lock limbs with a test of strength. They appear evenly matched until Danny employs some of his own foul play with a cunt punt to Coco. She doubles over clutching her cooter in sheer agony. He lands more savage kicks to her crotch causing her tremendous pain before forcing her to the wall. Her midsection sees a myriad of blows that drive the wind from her lungs. He comes with more groin punishment in the forms of punches and claws and tears into her stomach some more. He repositions her for a sleeperhold, which soon takes her down to the mats for faint wriggling. A limb check ensures the KO and he goes for a leg locked single leg hook pin. She gets the shoulder up mid-count and the leg lock gives him the leverage to lock in a single-handed choke. She can barely put up a fight in her catatonic state and he chokes the life out of her with ease. He gives his previous pin attempt another go and scores the fall, tying up the match 2 falls to 2. He strikes a pose over his depleted opponent and takes a brief rest in lieu of the next fall.

The final round kicks off with Coco wrapping Danny up in a bearhug and he retaliates with a waist squeeze of his own. The two fight for control and end up going to their knees and using each other for support. They trade belly blows back and forth until his punches establish dominance. He strips her of her bikini top and wraps it around her neck for a grueling chokehold. Coco gags, gurgles, and convulses as she’s helpless against his dirty tactics. She goes tits up and he stuffs her bra in her mouth, gagging her with it and setting up his finishing maneuver. Face taps bring Coco to and she wakes up into a reverse facesit. She plants her feet to build a bridge and fight her way out, but she’s too far gone. She wriggles around, squirming and arching beneath the smothering hold as she’s gagged. It isn’t too long until she’s left sprawled and spent, victim to Danny’s lethal facesitting pin and pose.

Knees to belly
Belly punches
Reverse headscissor
Belly splashes
Seated sleeperhold KO
10-count frontal facesit pin
Bearhug KO
Front headlock KO
Frontal headscissor KOs
10-count matchbook pin
Low blows
Frontal facesitting KO
Reverse facesitting KO
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Test of strength
Groin punches
Groin claw
Single handed choke KO
Double bearhug
Double belly punches
Bra choke KO
Bra gag
Reverse facesitting 10-count pin
Limb checks
Instant replay
Victory poses


Length: 22 min
Price: 21.99