(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Mia barges her way into SK’s bedroom as he takes respite from his earlier win and Mia protests against the ref’s decision. With the official’s take being somewhat controversial the twosome decide they’ll run it back in the bedroom as opposed to the mat room. A 20-count pin alongside a KO will be the conditions of the fall and they get to scrapping with a test of strength.

With a twist of the wrists, SK gets the upper hand on Mia and slips behind to apply a deeply clutched sleeperhold. Mia writhes around from the snug strangulation withstanding it as best she can and manages to lash out with an eye rake. With SK stunned, Mia slips behind and applies a rear naked choke that lulls him into a knockout. Mia goes for an early pin mounting leg hook pin, which SK reversals with a frontal headscissor. SK then sits Mia up and pounds her belly with thudding shots. Mia musters the energy to throw some belly shots herself and the two go back and forth with ab-blasting shots. SK stops the trades by locking another frontal headscissor to Mia and her ignored taps lead to a KO. SK goes for a back hook leg pin and Mia kicks out with a second win.

Mia pounces the unexpecting SK with a bearhug and as he withers in the hold, he wraps Mia in one as well. The pair exchange squeezing submissions, crushing each other into a limp pair as they over exert into each other. Mia takes advantage with a reverse headscissor that turns SK into a zonked heap and goes for a limb check. SK shows signs of life and Mia stays on the offensive with leg drops to SK’s open throat. The following limb check is successful and Mia proceeds with a brutal and pumping grape grind pin. Just as Mia gets to the cusp of the count, SK counters with a bearhug to squeeze the life from Mia, then flips her over for a series of belly punches.

Mia is forced into a backbreaker combined with a vicious belly claw that sends her to dreamland. SK shoots for a double leg hook pin and just before the W, Mia powers out with her last. SK doesn’t let up on her as he forces her head between his leg and tears into her backside with a wedgie. A stump puller piledriver craters Mia into the cushions and it’s lights out for the emerald beauty. SK makes his dominance known with a 20-count leg locking matchbook pin that’s delivered alongside belly punches to become the definite victor of the match. SK uses the pin to send a stark warning to Ama Rio before leaving Mia comfy and KO’d to sleep off her loss.

Test of strength
Seated sleeperhold
Eye rake
Rear naked choke KO
Ignored tap outs
20-count half mount pin attempt
Frontal headscissor KO
Belly punching
20-count single leg hook pin attempt
Double bearhug double KO
Reverse headscissor KO
Jumping leg drops
Seated leg drops
Grape grind pin
Reversal bearhug
Backbreaker w/ belly claw
20-count double leg hook pin attempt
Stump puller piledriver KO
20-count leg locking matchbook pin w/ belly punching
Trash talk
Body pile
Limb checks


Length: 17 min
Price: 16.99