(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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(Note: the following clip was filmed with a phone in order to preserve the darker tone of the film, which features an upcoming sequel shot in our mat room)

The dark silhouette of a slim man with devious intentions appears on-screen with a message for SKW’s “The Machine”. He reveals himself to be “The Cypher” and has provided a video displaying his capabilities in hopes of future collaborations. The poor victim on his opposing end just so happens to be Agent Serena, also of SKW fame. The Cypher departs with well wishes before the demonstration from the burner phone is presented.

The camera pans to a completely zonked Serena as she barely stands, vulnerable in her undergarments. The camera is mounted before Serena is placed against a headboard for further beating. She suffers a few belly strikes in the form of martial arts punches and crescent elbows before dropping to her knees. The Cypher employs a sleeperhold that leaves her limp in his grasp before a neck snap sends her crashing to the floor.

The next scene sees Serena placed against the headboard again for extra punishment in the form of snapping belly kicks and a face kick that sees her melt to her knees. The Cypher delivers more snapping face kicks before lifting Serena in front of the camera where a razor-sharp double neck chop leaves her out on her feet. The Cypher partakes in some ragdolling with an over-the-shoulder carry, then she’s placed on her feet for more abuse. A jab to her throat is followed by a series of rapid belly punches before an over-the-shoulder carry sees her hauled on the bed for the next set of techniques.

Serena’s awakened with a hammerfist to the midsection and pleads to be put out. A sleeperhold causes her to frantically kick before fading out. The Cypher adds the cherry on top with a neck snap, then rolls her over for more. The Cypher revives her again and places her in front of the camera for a nerve wracking nerve pinch. She flinches and gasps in his grasp before collapsing forward in a derri “air” pose and suffering spasms.

The Cypher lifts Serena by her hair again as she begs for the torture to end. He toys with his prey as he displays sympathy for her situation, but to Serena’s horror an iron claw clasps across her head, draining her of cognitive function. A quick limb check confirms the KO before she droops forward for more derri “air” goodness. A brief moment sees the Cypher disappear until he returns for more.

Serena is lifted by her hair for more pleading, belly punching, a neck chop, and a pressure point punch to the back of the neck that leaves her twitching and ass up. The Cypher takes a bit of time to caress his comatose victim, then scoops her up for more lift and carry action. After laying her out on the bed and belly pounding her awake, she appeals for mercy but the Cypher isn’t quite done. She finds herself locked into a matchbook pin where the Cypher deals multiple dizzying head punches. He then applies a rear headscissor from his advantageous position and she’s squeezed to sleep before a neck snap assures the knockout.

The Cypher lifts her up and underhooks her arm to get clear access to her ribs, then delivers multiple belly blows to rock her awake. Serena’s protests against her sleepy status but it falls on deaf ears as he cinches her into another sleeperhold. He drapes her across the bed before she goes completely out and engages in a set of slamming seated leg drops. Serena’s ass shoots into the air with each strike as her body makes involuntary jerks from the force.

The Cypher unmounts the camera to pan around the broken femme fatale as she lies in a derri “air” pose. Serena is left twitching as her drool gradually soaks the sheets. Her eyes feebly flutter as she struggles to find the light, but remains beaten and debilitated. The eerie transmission is terminated with a fade to black.

Assorted belly strikes
Sleeperhold KOs
Neck snap KOs
Head kicks
Double neck chop KO
Open-hand trachea strike
Nerve pinch KO
Iron claw KO
Spinal punch KO
Matchbook pin w/ head strikes
Rear headscissor KO
Rear headscissor neck snap KO
Seated leg drops KO
Derri “air” KO poses
Over-the-shoulder carries
Limb checks


Length: 24 min
Price: 18.99