(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Length: 57 min

Price: $29.99

Starring: Serena, Lia Labowe, Daizi, Angelina, Eliza, Tabby, Alex, Devon, Jackson, and Veedah.

CLIP # 1

As our lovely heroine kicks the door to the OSI Training Room open, it’s obvious this session won’t be like the others. A knock at the door alerts Serena, who is blown across the room as another powerful kick knocks the door into her! The lovely and newly-enhanced Jackson enters, telling Serena that her previous loss at the hands of Bionic Gina (played by Lia Labowe) lead the OSI to create a new and improved agent…one destined to replace her! Jackson unleashes a powerful chop that’s blocked, leading to a standing single-hand test-of-strength that lands both agents on their backs…struggling to keep the fight going! Turns out Jackson has TWO bionic arms, but a sudden choke from Serena threatens to end her career a little early! Jackson retaliates with a bionic elbow to the gut, followed by several knee attacks and a snap kick to Serena’s face! The battle rages back and forth, with Jackson attempting to use a steel pipe and Serena struggling to survive. A foot test-of-strength eventually ensues, with both girls taking blows and falls, applying locks to the legs and sending powerful punches to each other’s bodies…each agent trying to dismantle the others’ bionics! Serena finally gains the upper hand, however, applying a jujigitame armlock that destroys Jackson’s left arm! A right leg lock almost does Jackson’s mobility in, but she kicks her way out…an action that come a little late in the game as Serena takes Jackson’s left leg and literally stretches it so it touches the top of her skull! The pain proves to be too intense for Serena’s evil rival, causing her to black out into unconsciousness as her bionic gears slow to a halt. Serena makes sure her former-tormentor isn’t playing possum with a final bionic karate chop to the neck that leaves her down and out for the long count. With that, Bionic Serena puts her sandals back on and races out of the training arena, leaving behind a completely destroyed enemy..

CLIP # 2

Daizi starts by giving a sweet interview about her upcoming match with Angelina, whom she’d previously defeated in an exclusive SKW photo battle. When Angelina comes in hiding boxing gloves behind her back, however, it’s clear to all involved that this is NOT gonna be a fair fight! Angelina unleases lefts and rights with the gloves, pummeling Daizi’s belly and finishing her off with a powerful UPPERCUT KO that leaves Daizi flattened and in Dreamland And then the gloves come off…. Angelina wakes Daizi up and gets some major revenge via leg nelson, camel cluch, body scissors/sleeper KO, single knee neck scissors choke KO, kick to the face KO, flatliner KO, stunner KO, figure four neckscissors KO, and a final pin and victory pose that leads to a bonus “alternate” take of one HECK of a face kick! This one’s vintage “heel” Angelina, folks: chock full of her trademark taunts and attitude. Order now!!

CLIP # 3

Fans of multiple knockouts and “sentry girl” scenarios will love this one! Eliza takes the brunt of most of the finishers with the exception of one final revenge KO! This clip features Tabby vs Eliza in a multi-KO/multi-scenario ninja vs sentry custom. KOs include: sleeper hold, temple attack, sleeper/neckbreaker, tranquilizer KO, double carotid pinch, neck snap, belly blow KO, double heart punch KO, face punchout, neck scissors/neckbreaker, foot necksnap, belly stomp KO, final sleeper/neckbreaker (from Eliza to Tabby).

Attire: Tabby wears a full black bodysuit/barefoot. Eliza wears yellow bikini bottoms with black sports bra/barefoot.

CLIP # 4

Picking up where SOLD OUT left off, our 4 leotard-clad agents slowly awaken from their collective slumber only to keep the battle going! Jackson and Alex strike with twin karate chops to the neck that knock both Devon and Serena out, leaving them slumped against each other in the middle of the room. Realizing that no one is to be trusted, Jackson and Alex both grab chloroform-soaked rags and attack, each one clamping her cloth over the other, until they too end up slumped and out cold.. As the four awaken, they each attack with powerful neckscissors…creating a 4 girl KO scissor diamond that you’ve gotta see to believe! Soon enough, all four girls are out again…only to groggily awaken and make their way to their feet, exhausted and leaning against the wall. Serena whispers to Jackson and the two agree to take the deceitful agents out and sell the information bracelets to the highest bidder. Their plan never comes to life, however, as they suddenly hear a booming voice fill the room. It’s the Big Boss…and he’s been witnessing all four girls’ treachery through a hidden camera. The girls suddenly notice a sweet and pleasant aroma filling the air. The same scent they witnessed when Devon filled the room with sleeping gas!!! All four girls slide down the wall and slump against each other, eyelids fluttering shut from the gentle and effective knockout gas!

CLIP # 5

Veedah’s pre-match interview goes swimmingly…she’s excited to face off against the SKW champ. Angelina, however, seems cockier than usual, and as we fade in to the boxing battle, it’s the first punch that tells the tale. While Angelina wastes time talking trash, Veedah unloads with a powerful right cross to the chin that sends Angelina to her knees…one punch later and Angelina passes out…almost unable to come to before the 10 count! Veedah destroys her…one blow at a time, dispensing jabs, uppercuts, and KOs galore to face and belly, ending it with a 10 count KO that leaves Angelina OUT! Veedah states how much she dislikes these “glove” rules and proceeds to strip them off, de-gloving her opponent as well and awakening her for a second BAREKNUCKLE fistfight. What follows is a brutal one-sided demolition that leaves our lovely champ out cold…and dreaming of a world where she didn’t make the mistake of letting Veedah get the first punch in!