(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Before us stands the ravishing Reagan robed up as she confides about her deepest desires of being a damsel in distress. Media has definitely made its mark on her as the development of her kinks blossomed from seeing beautiful women in peril. She disrobes to a scanty one-piece swimsuit and gear and shows off all of the gear she brought for the occasion. Batons, tasers, chloroform and other deadly instruments await as she anticipates her salacious session.

Reagan guides your hand to her neck and a sharp clutch grips her into hysteria. You squeeze the tongue from her mouth and press her to the wall. She feebly resists as you choke her to lifelessness, arms dangling as her neck is crooked. She’s clutched by the jaw before being left to crumble to her knees then to a derri “air” pose. A second squeeze to the neck ensures she’s out cold alongside a limb check. She’s flipped over and revived, happy about how things are progressing. As she questions what’s next she’s placed into a stupor from a nerve pinch. Her alertness dwindles as the submission wears her down. She slides down the wall with soft groans and rolling eyes till all she sees is darkness. She sits in spread eagle and produces no response from following limb checks. She manages to come to and is anxious to get to the next KO. You both reposition to the center and she’s rocked with a neck chop leaving her punchdrunk and stumbling into a wall. A second chop sends her staggering about even more so and is dropped with a third that puts her buns to the ceiling. She softly moans as you close in and put her away with a final chop.

A few face taps bring Reagan to and she oozes over your villainous tendencies. You keep her fulfilled with hard lefts that send her floundering around before her legs give way. An uppercut drops her to the mats where she helplessly sprawls out. As you guide her to a sit, a KO left puts her to sleep and ripe for your limb checks. She eventually regains her wits and now you implement a bo staff in the fray by driving it into her midsection. You blast the wind from her core as she doubles over heaving for air. A savage thrust to the belly pins her to the wall as she’s drained of her vitality. When you release, she splats forward for the KO, your checks, and a few spanks. When she makes her way to her feet you get ahold of the chloroform spray. She feels stimulated seeing you clutch that can and you mist her face to send her into a cross-eyed torpor. She teeters around a bit then drops to her knees for your finishing spray to put her down. She faintly whimpers and is finally put to sleep with a third douse of the substance.

Reagan gets to a stand pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the chloroform and seeks what’s next. You employ the tranquilizer pistol next and triple tap her chest to sit her on her rear. Her tongue dangles as she clutches her chest in senselessness. You put a dart into her neck that sprawls her out. You finish her off with an abundance of shots to the stomach and plot your next move. Just as she wakes you press a chopstick to her temple, digging into her pressure point and the saliva flows from her lips. You then press it to her solar plexus and she produces even more before she goes night night. When she’s able to recover, it’s time for the blackjack which is whipped across her head sending her to her knees. She wobbles around in a daze and you club her to the floor with a second blow. She lies moaning in a half derri “air” state and you end her with a final thwap before more checks.

Reagan makes her way to her feet in great euphoria, then you bring knife play into the mix. After sensually grazing her figure you cut across her throat. She clutches herself in agony as she drops to her knees in desperation. As she kneels limp you plant the blade into her neck, sending her to the mats and ripe to be finished. Succeeding a pulse check, you plant the knife into her neck a second time for a dry groan and it’s lights out. You retrieve a syringe from the bag as she gathers herself. As she questions you, you stick her in the neck and give her a lethargy-inducing dose. She stumbles around growing weaker as she slumps to the mats. A second jab causes the drool to flow and drops her to a derri “air” position. With her bodacious rear poked in the air, you poke a cheek to administer a bit more. A fourth poke to the next puts her down for the count in a tongue-protruding heap.

Reagan staves off the poison only to come face to face with the hypnosis device dulling her senses. Your spell drives her to pure obedience and by the end of your countdown she’s your personal doll. A light shove leaves her spread eagle and comatose. Another countdown leads to her preparing a chloroform rag and smothering herself to futility. As she grows weaker you take over to keep the rag applied, then drain her of what’s left. As she lies depleted, she begs you to finish the smother, to which you happily oblige and out she goes. After a brief rest, you command her to stand again and it’s time for the dust mask challenge. You prepare the mask with the chloroform and guide her to the corner. Should she succeed in escaping the room before the chloroform takes over she’ll have a special dinner coming her way. After a few deep breaths she makes her way to the opposite corner, but struggles to keep her footing as she goes. By the third set of mats she collapses into a derri “air” heap and goes numb.

You free her from the incantation and she’s thoroughly exhilarated from how well things are going. You grant her that special dinner in response to her great effort and bring out the electrifying toys. You plant the live taser before her and stick the stun baton to her collar bone, electrocuting her to bits. The intense pain brings her to all fours panting in pain before she can hold on no longer. She flops forward onto the taser and wildly convulses as she groans with a poking tongue. Her convulsions gradually decrease then you go to check her well being. A lift of her head leads to a waterfall of saliva seeping from her lips. You flip her over into a more comfortable spread eagle position and a final pan over her resting figure. Time to go prepare that supper she was promised…

One-handed choke KO
Nerve pinch KO
Neck chops KO
Face punches KO
Bo staff belly strikes KO
Chloroform mist KO
Tranquilizer pistol KOs
Chopstick pressure point KOs
Blackjack strikes KO
Throat slit
Neck stab KOs
Syringe KOs
Hypnosis KO
Chloroform rag smother KO
Chloroform dust mask KO
Stun rod + taser KO
First-person PoV
Eye checks
Tongue protrusion
Derri “air” KO poses
Limb checks


Length: 47 min
Price: 44.99