(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Newcomer, Viviane Oblivion, stands before you in a robe, teasing with bits of her superheroine attire as she queues you as to why you’re here. SHE KNOWS about your deep-seated fetish for an extravagant beauty decked out in superhero attire and she’s here to fulfill your desires. She disrobes to exhibit her grade-A Wonder Woman cosplay, showing off her petite physique and all the fine details. VIviane confesses her yearning to be a heroine in peril and even brought a number of dangerous items to supplement the occasion! You’re happy to grant her wishes and get right to business with a single-handed choke that brings her to the wall. The tightening against her windpipe puts her at delicate grips of pain and pleasure. She falters in the hold, eventually fading out and crumpling into a derri “air” pose. She lies without a budge as you explore her body with checks.

A few light spanks to the rear excite her back to life and she eagerly rises for the next technique. A set of face punches knock her into a stupor and an uppercut lays her out on the mats. You stand over her, coercing her to sit up. She rises into a rattling face punch that scrambles her brains for a KO. She offers no resistance as you caress her body and check for signs of life. Eventually she comes to and you assist her to her feet. She oozes in delight as she’s loving the experience and an abrupt shoulder pinch locks her into a world of hurt. She staggers around trying to maintain consciousness. She drops to her knees trying her hardest to persist, but it’s lights out as she sits up. A light shove leaves her face down ass up for more of your checks to her condition.

In the next instance, Vivane drops to the floor a comatose heap as she’s decked out in an outfit resembling Psylocke. Your touch glides over her body and she remains limp against limb checks. She awakens after a brief rest, dumbfounded as to her wardrobe swap. She stands to admire her sexy outfit and praises you for such good taste. You consult the bag of weaponry and draw the blackjack. She anticipates in hesitation before a swift blow comes across her head, dropping her to her knees in a daze. Clutching her head in anguish, she softly requests another strike and you grant her wish with a shot that crumbles her to a derri “air” pose. She moans and gently asks for another blow as you lightly spank her. The blacjack grazes her body before a concluding shot strikes in the head for a KO.

She comes to in exhilaration and you force her against the wall. You slide the blackjack across her midsection before hitting her in the ribs. Successive blows catch her midsection as you pound the air from her diaphragm. A thrust to her stomach knocks her out and she slumps downward till she goes limp. Limb and eye checks precede more clubs to the belly for another KO. She stirs awake as your hand skims her thigh and you guide her to the next maneuver. She preps a chloroform rag and eagerly describes the next knockout. She then presses it to her face, sapping her strength with the debilitating substance and you assist her as she begins to go limp. Her legs give way as she collapses backwards and sprawls out. You stand over her and force the rag to her face again, draining the rest of her strength as she’s powerless to protest. Face play and groping rouse her awake KO that exercises the tranq pistol.

She backs against the wall and moans in bliss as you rub the pistol against her, then a shot plugs into her chest. She grows more catatonic with each dart and grips to consciousness the best she can. A shot the midsection blasts her into the wall and to a sitting position. You slide the pistol over her waning figure again and administer a shot to her neck for the KO. You ensure she’s out with more rounds to the belly and slump her sideways for more limb checks and caressing. A few face taps jar her awake and you get hold of the chloroform spray. She stands nervously before you mist it across her airways, forcing her into a punchdrunk state. She stumbles about before falling to her knees and you gas her a second time, folding her backwards. She softly writhes and you spell the end for her with a third mist to the face that gives you the window for more bodily checks.

When she awakens you brandish the knife in her direction, gliding it across her body before sliding the blade across her neck for a throat slit. She subsides to her knees clutching her wound and you end her misery with a stab to the neck that sees her gently gurgle before melting backwards. A stab to the chest puts her down for the count and you retrieve the seemingly harmless chopstick from the bag. You press the point to her temple, drilling into her nerve ending causing her to secrete saliva as she judders before the KO. Your deadly technique proceeds with precise strikes to her belly to which she produces deep exhales and moans. A final drill to the temple ends her suffering and you flip her over for the last wardrobe switch

You leave her to flop face forward in her two-piece bikini and ensue with more limb checks. She recovers in joy as she revels in her favorite bathing suit and you take the hypnosis device from the bag. She’s immediately overwhelmed as it overtakes her senses and she becomes obedient to your every word. You initiate the countdown to full control and a press to her temple coerces her to a buckling KO. You command her to stand and have her to assist you with preparing a chloroform-laced dust mask. You task her with the challenge of reaching the room’s exit under the influence of the mask with the reward of her favorite meal at stake. She reels heavily from the first breath and can barely keep her footing as she braces the wall. She staggers forward, teetering around until she drops to all fours. She uses every iota of energy as she crawls to the doorway, but succumbs at the end of the mats as melts face down and ass up. Despite her failure, you decide to reward her anyway. With her power still in your hands you use the incantation to bring her to her feet for the next knockout.

You free her from her spellbound state with a rub to her temple and she doesn’t remember a thing, but you promise to clue her in later. She’s elated at the prospect of dinner and you prepare the last electrifying knockout. She grows reluctant at the sight of a taser & stun rod combo, but she’s game. You press the stun rod to her neck, injecting her with an overabundance of volts and she collapses face down onto the active taser for a shocking ending. She convulses wildly as she’s lit up, groaning as she withstands the punishment. The intense pain drives her to an unconscious and twitchy state for limb checks. You lift her head to check her well-being and the saliva flows to a pool beneath. You flip her over into a spread eagle pose and she’s unresponsive to the touch. She may have folded to the dust mask challenge, but such a gratifying session of kinks and KOs has certainly earned her that succulent steak dinner she’s salivating for.

One-handed choke KO
Face punches KO
Nerve pinch KO
Blackjack KO
Blackjack belly blows KOs
Chloroform rag smother KO
Tranquilizer pistol KOs
Chloroform spray KO
Knife play KOs
Chopstick pressure point KOs
Hypnosis KO
Chloroform dust mask KO
Stun rod + taser KO
Derri “air” KO poses
Limb checks
Eye checks
Wardrobe swaps
First-person PoV


Length: 50 min
Price: 47.99