(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Macy stands before us, anxious with naughty thoughts of being knocked out over and over by our dominant hands. With no hesitation we comply with Macy’s desires and she disrobes to display her glorious figure sporting a shiny one-piece and wrestling gear. Her seductive poses and flexes alongside a bag of punishment-inducing toys motivate us to grant her wishes furthermore. Macy swoons as her face is caressed, then her smiles form into aroused hysteria as a chokehold clutches her throat. She’s brought to the wall where her tongue protrudes and defiance wanes as the carotid artery squeeze leaves her sunk against the wall. Limb checks ensure she’s out, then she gradually comes to after light contact.

Macy awakens all smiles as she comes to the realization of her fulfilled fantasies. Macy stands and approaches for more then eats a stiff left jab. She’s overcome with pain and pleasure as she endures more before being floored by an uppercut. Teetering on the edge of consciousness she urges us to finish her and a final left puts her lights out. She twitches in defeat as she undergoes limb checks. When she wakes she stands in anticipation, enthused for more sleepy goodness. She’s positioned against the wall and we get a snug grip at the base of her neck for an enfeebling nerve pinch. Her eyes glaze over as she can’t withstand it’s draining effects and she splats on the mats face down. After her limbs are checked she regains consciousness, ready for the next maneuver.

From her assortment of toys we draw the staff then jab her in the stomach. Macy revels as each blow drives the air from her diaphragm. She pleads for more thrusting strikes and a final blow leaves her dangling over the tip of the pressed weapon. When released she crumples forward in derri “air” fashion. We pan around her limp figure with limb and eye checks before she stirs awake. As Macy pines for more we retreat to the bag for another satiating instrument. We retrieve a blackjack that Macy eagerly thirsts for and she catches a thwack over the head. She drops to her knees in bliss and is caught before a second hit leaves her rear kissing the sky for a KO. A few face taps show that Macy isn’t quite finished and she begs for the finale. Her desires are met and her clock is cleaned with a final KO shot to the skull.

Light spanking and clutching of Macy’s glutes gets her to come to and she makes her way to her feet for more. A mist of chloroform spray brushes her face, dulling the senses and wearing her down before she falls backwards in spread eagle. A second spray secures the KO and she’s unresponsive to the limb checks. As we dig in the bag to procure another weapon of choice Macy finds consciousness. The pressure point poking chopstick enters the fray as we playfully caress Macy with it. The tip of it meets Macy’s temple, forcing her tongue to dangle in joy as she succumbs to the technique. We follow-up with pressure point thrusts to the belly button that drive the wind out of her alongside her vitality. The chopstick is tossed aside and we check Macy out before seeking another tool.

Chloroform is the next weapon of choice as we pass the items for her to prepare. She takes the rag to the face with mild defiance, helpless to escape its life leech. As she lies sprawled out and nearly comatose a second press of the cloth to her face quells her pleas and her eyes roll back indicating another KO. Macy awakes after more checks, her desires to be knocked out seemingly endless. A syringe is pulled from the bag and driven into the anticipating dame’s neck. The substance easily puts her down as she crumples forward face down and ass up. The last bit of the toxin is drained into her rear ensuring she’s out for the count. A small intermission follows before our second engagement with the submissive blonde.

Macy sports a hot 2-piece bikini, teasing and rousing us to deal more punishment. A hypnosis device is drawn from the bag and effortlessly commands Macy’s senses. The hypnosis completely overwhelms the beauty as she bends to our will, collapsing backwards as the enchantment leaves her out cold. Our verbal commands bring Macy to the world of the living and she stands in anticipation of the next activity. Things get a bit kinky as she obeys commands to tie a leash around her neck and drop to all fours. She’s guided around the room like an obedient dog before adhering to our demands for her to choke herself. She begins to hang herself with the leash and enters a drooling fit from the tight cinch around her throat. We take the reins as we finish hanging Macy from the leash and she’s left unconscious for another alluring derri “air” pose.

A countdown revives Macy to her feet again and she removes the leash for the next attack. A chloroform mask is prepped for the compliant damsel and she’s instructed to exit the room under its effects if she hopes for us to prep the meal for tonight’s festivities. Macy takes in the sedative as she totters across the room. It’s not long before she crumbles to all fours, struggling to proceed forth as her midriff brushes the mats. She reaches the end of the mats but conks out as the substance proves too strong for her to overcome. Her limbs slap the mats from the checks as she lies depleted. Her striving effort is blessed by our generosity, taking responsibility for the meal prep. Another countdown causes Macy to awaken and the spell from the hypnosis is broken for the final KO.

Macy is ecstatic at the thought of seeing the playback of the knockouts as well as her upcoming dinner. The last KO becomes a shocking event as a stun baton and taser are taken from the bag. A jab from the rod injects Macy with an electric shock and the active taser on the ground catches the fall to induce her with more electrifying thrills. She convulses and jiggles in a bewitching manner as the electricity courses through her gorgeous figure. Eventually the jolts come to a halt making it safe to check for the KO and she becomes a fountain of her own fluids as the drool pours. From the signs of the limb checks Macy is completely out of it, presenting us with the opportunity to arrange her reward for such an amazing session.

First person PoV
Chokehold KO
Uppercut KO
Nerve pinch KO
Bo staff belly strikes KO
Blackjack KOs
Chloroform spray KO
Temple drill KO
Chloroform smother KO
Syringe KOs
Hypnotism KO
Leash choke KO
Chloroform mask KO
Stun baton + taser KO
Derri “air” KO poses
Tongue protrusion
Leash play
Dog walking
Limb checks
Eye checks


Length: 44 min
Price: 41.99