(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



A Vegas-like avalanche of luck seems to have fallen right into our lap, as we fade in on a video where we get to call the stunningly beautiful Mia Hope our girlfriend. She has a confession to make, a secret to tell, and it is obvious she seems somewhat apprehensive to let it out, but… she has held onto the bit of truth for too long and it has to come out. She lets on that she likes to be knocked out, and roleplay damsel in distress scenes and wants to know if we would engage her kinks with her. Obviously, we quickly agree…

Mia starts out by asking us to throw a punch directly at her chin, almost taunting us, goding us to do it. She holds her chin out, excitedly looks at our fist and waits for her fantasies to come true. We oblige and knock her out with a single punch, as her eyes go cross eyed and her tongue sticks out as she wobbles like a slinky, before letting out the phrase “good one” and crashing to the ground. After being impelled to “put her out of her misery” and giving her one last shot to the face, we inspect the gorgeous wrestler, play with her limp arms and legs a bit while she is unconscious.

Mia eventually wakes up and seems very pleased with the result, but wants to try something else. She casually asks if we would choke her, and like the good toting boyfriend that we are, we do… We wrap our hand around her neck and push her against the wall. Mia’s eyes open wide and her tongue sticks out as she strangles and submits to her fantasies. The choking noises ring out like a symphony as she compels us to continue by grabbing our wrist and pushing it tighter around her neck. An absolute gorgeous display as she eventually passes out, we shake her throat a few extra times for good measure before releasing her and letting her unconscious body tumble to the ground with her ass sticking up in the air. We check her eyes and play with her limp limbs again as we marvel at her beauty, reflecting on how lucky we are.

Mia wakes up and wants to try one last knockout before we move on and tells us we can “surprise her”… and we surprise her we do… we clamp on a nerve pinch that causes Mia’s tongue to pop out of her mouth and her consciousness to gradually slip away. She rolls her head loosely, her body begins falling limp as we hear groans of pleasure sing out as she falls deeper into dreamland, eventually completely passing out. We let the pinch go and Mia falls flat to the ground. Her feet and legs twitch as her entire body seems to convulse involuntarily as she peacefully dreams.

Mia then progresses to put on “our favorite one piece” that has never looked more beautiful as she poses and models it for us. Mia moves towards a bag of goodies that suddenly appears on the mats below and reaches for a cast iron skillet just outside the bag, so she can show us what she’s been practicing. She holds the skillet out in front of her face, closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and swings it, pounding her head with a loud DING. Her eyes go cross, her tongue juts out and she woozily drops to her knees, asking us to finish her off. We take the cast iron skillet and again oblige her, by sending one last shot to her face with the skillet before he is completely out.

Mia wakes up quickly and dives deeper into her bag of tricks as we help her engage her fantasies in any way we can. We chloroform her, use knockout spray, kick her in the face, use a nightstick for belly torture and a shot to the head. Mia asks us to use both a cattle prod and a taser, which sends a cascading waterfall of drool all over the mats. We roleplay a syringe attack, knife play, and knock her out with a tranquilizer gun, from which she gives us a blank slate to do anything we want to her. Ok…

Mia wakes up in a creepy basement room, with her arms tied above her head, a little concerning, but still trusts us. We hold out a machine gun, and her concern grows a little but so does her excitement. How will this end for Mia? Regardless of its ending, we have found a bright new star in the skw universe, as Mia Hope’s first video will leave her, and the viewer, begging for more.


Length: 34 min

Price: 29.99