(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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A thrilled and adorable Heather Heaven stands before us and can’t wait to take part in the spicy festivities of Sleeperkidsworld. She elaborates a bit on how the atmosphere gets her in the mood and has prepared herself for the melee as well. She disrobes to a swimsuit of stars and stripes putting her glorious figure on display, For the occasion she brought a bag of dangerous toys and sets the stipulation of gradual stripping for every knockout that takes place.

Heather enters her stance and is caught off guard with a chloroform rag to the face. She whimpers as the exhaustion sets in, then splats backward onto the mats. Her kinky side as exposed as the predicament gets her hot and bothered for some self-fondling. She requests to be KO’d and SK clasps the rag to her face once more. Heather squeezes at her box as her consciousness fades and a deeper clasp sends her into a slumber. Heather gets her wristbands removed for the first KO and comes to after a limb check.

Heather finds her wits and gets to a stand, excited for what’s next. SK squeezes at her throat, forcing her to emit lustful coos as she’s pressed against the wall. Her eyes roll back and her dripping tongue protrudes as she slides deeper into her erogenous state. The loss of air sends her into a knockout and she folds into a derri “air” pose. After limb checks and spanks she’s flipped over to have her shoes removed and fondling brings her back from a rest.

Heather grows more excited at the view of her shed clothing and is placed back into a compromising position with a nerve pinch to the shoulder. Heather collapses backwards while barely holding on gets her KO request met with a second vice to her shoulder. A pulse check shocks the sleeping beauty and her knee pads are removed next.

Heather recovers and refers to the bag for the next knockout, which is met with a blackjack blow to the head. Heather hits her knees seeing birdies, then gets curled into a derri “air” pose with another strike. Heather’s hair is pulled from her face and she asks for another. A third smack of the club sends her to dreamland for more vital checks. Heather is flopped over and stripped of her one-piece, then left to wake with her swimsuit stuffed in her mouth.

Heather gets up, prepared for the next knockout and is pleased when a spray of chloroform crosses her airways. The sedative sends her into a stumbling and satisfactory stupor and when she can no longer keep her footing, a poke to the chest sends her to the mats. Heather is pleased for one more mist that takes her out for more checks. The next to go are her nylons as they’re pulled from her legs. Heather comes to after limp play and squeezes to her goodies.

The next item pulled from the bag is the seemingly harmless chopstick as Heather is placed against the wall. The dull end is dug into a nerve in her neck that leaves her zonked and she slumps to a sit. The chopstick grazes her box and she stirs awake, then gets another precise stab to the neck that excites, yet puts her out. Consecutive strikes to the belly press the air from her diaphragm. A thrust to the pussy sends a sizzling sensation through her body and she’s put down with another strike to the neck.

Heather is groped awake and the hypnosis globe enters the mix as it’s used to send her into a trance. At the end of SK’s countdown the hypnosis sets in and Heather goes senseless with her eyes rolling and tongue dangling. A second countdown sees her lifelessly hit the mats, then SK is in full control. Heather is sprung to her feet and commanded to remove her panties. A press to her temple knocks her out and she’s posed into spread eagle. Another press to the temple incites her with life, then she’s manually posed like a life-sized doll in a few positions. SK sends Heather into and out of paralysis with temple presses and a final one crumples her into a derri “air” pose.

A countdown and spank bring Heather to her feet again and she’s handed the garrote wire. She’s instructed to choke herself out, but needs some assistance getting past the phase of drooling mess. SK assists with the strangle choking her  till she hits her knees, covered in her own spittle. When she can no longer handle the squeeze she falls to the mats and teeters to a soft push. Heather enters eye-rolling twitches, then SK frees her from the incantation with a temple press.

The next KO is a surprise as SK has Heather cover her eyes and she’s met with thousands of volts to the neck from a taser. The taser is dropped in front of her and she spasms to the mats where she lands face forward, convulsing from the electric shock beneath her. The quaking convulsions continue as Heather is lit up and eventually the weapon cools off.

Spanks revive Heather from her catatonic state and the two begin making out. To give her a true warm welcome to the brand, SK administers a sleeperhold as Heather pleasures herself. She judders in the captivating submission while getting her rocks off and the cutting of the oxygen does its job making her inbound orgasm that much more exhilarating. Heather doesn’t budge to the following bodily checks and gets a goodnight kiss before being left sprawled on the mats. Shortly after, Heather wakes and her insatiable desire sees her stroke more after such a fulfilling debut.

Chloroform rag smother KOs
Single-handed choke O
Nerve pinch KOs
Pulse check
Blackjack KO
Gag w/ one-piece swimsuit
Chloroform mist KO
Chopstick pressure point KOs
Hypnosis globe KO
Temple press KO
Posing her body (reference another video)
Pressure point squeeze KO
Garrote wire self-choke KO
Taser KO
Seated sleeperhold w/ masturbation KO
Self body worship
Limb checks
Eye checks
Pulse check
Derri “air” KO poses
Face play
Gradual stripping
Tongue protrusion
Twitching / convulsing
First-person PoV


Length: 43 min
Price: 41.99