(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Coco winds up a call with a contact for an upcoming vacation. She imagines herself out on the sandy beaches as she takes to stretching on the mats, but looming in the background is the one of SKW’s biggest destroyer of dreams. A quaking cunt punt from behind brings Coco back to reality and clutching her goods. The Machine lets her know he’s aware of her thieving ways as he punts once more. More kicks and explanation reveals he’s been hired to punish her as well as get the large sum of funds back. She’s spun around and forced to suffer low blows and more vicious taunting. The Machine then places her against the wall for a series of groin claws and low blows. Coco’s tossed to the floor and thrashed with forearm shots to the groin that get her gyrating and groaning in agony. A field goal could be made with the following kicks to Coco’s crotch that shoot her hips to the ceiling. The Machine then gets beneath her bridge and strikes from underneath with low blows and claws that curl upwards.

Coco’s flipped over and has her legs gripped for sturdy groin stomps, giving Coco plenty of time to writhe in pain from the heelish tactics. He grinds his foot into her lady parts that send her into hysterics till she passes out. The ragdoll gets her legs locked and suffers a groin claw from the compromising position alongside more low blows. The hard clutches and punches get Coco drooling in a convulsing tizzy and she passes out. More strikes rain on her unconscious form as her legs remain locked. Coco’s sat up for a groin claw that brings her back to life and she’s slung over the nearby stool for more punishment. More punches and claws get her vibrating violently and the Machine ups the ante with double ax handle shots. Coco’s then flipped over and sat upon for more crotch-focused torture.

The Machine puts Coco in his lap and proceeds with more claws and punches as she pleads for mercy. She eventually faints again and is struck over and over as she sleeps. A strike from the rear startles Coco awake and she’s stood for more low blows. A wall-assisted groin claw gets Coco convulsing in distress as her energy is sapped and she goes out cold. The machine gets a special needle prepared and pockets it for what’s to come. A derri “air” posed Coco gets a groin squeeze to wake her and the Machine offers to free her for a foot kiss. Coco obliges, but things may not go as she expected.

The Machine stabs his pec with the needle, pumping himself with the substance and he begins to psyche up. A speed bag flurry of punches rattles against Coco’s groin that sends her into a punchdrunk frenzy where she convulses while barely being able to speak. A punch from the enhanced Machine rattles her to the core and she flops in spread eagle to a KO. The Machine wakes Coco and his coercion works as she gives up the location of the money. He reveals Coco’s future to her dismay and puts her down with a body-quaking low blow and subsequent shots. Coco then lies sprawled out and finished as the Machine reaches his contacts to close out the contract.

Cunt punts
Low blows
Groin claw KOs
Groin punch KOs
Forearms to groin
Stomps to groin
Foot to groin grind KO
Groin claws w/ matchbook KO
Belly punching w/ matchbook
Stool-assisted groin attacks
Chest-sitting groin claw
Foot licking
Tongue protrusion
Derri “air” KO pose
Speed bag groin strikes


Length: 24 min
Price: 24.99