(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Faith limbers up in the mat room as SK praises her for her previous victory against the succulent Christina Carter. As SK shows a hint of worry about their upcoming match, Faith displays the utmost confidence. Christina enters the room breaking up their dialogue and ready to tear into Faith. The ladies come face to face and things heat up as the tension builds. SK organizes them into the beginning of the match and the most falls at the end of the time limit is the victress. SK initiates the countdown and the squash ensues.

The girls turn face forward, square up, and Faith comes out the gate with a number of rights to Christina’s face. An uppercut sends her stumbling around the mats and Faith hops on top for a piggyback sleeperhold. Christina smiles as she has Faith right where she wants her and uses her larger stature to squish Faith against the wall until she’s splattered in a daze. Christina then squishes the face of the dazed Faith as she demeans her then performs a running wall splash to sprawl her face down on the mats. Christina lifts Faith by the throat and ragdolls her as they move to the center of the mats. A whiplashing sister abigail slam leaves Faith in spread eagle with a dead stare as Christina bullies her with a single leg hook pin. In hell flavor, Christina feigns the 10-count pin and yanks Faith up by the hair for more of a beating.

Christina squeezes Faith by the cheeks, squishing frothy drool from the jobber in humored disgust. She strongarms Faith to a stand and hoists her into the air with a lifting bearhug. Havoc is wreaked on Faith’s torso till she dangles in Christina’s clutches and then some. Christina drops her lifeless figure to the mats and berates her while executing a 10-count single leg hook pin. Christina continues to roughly handle her foe and ragdolls her with a yank of the hair. Faith is utterly out cold on her feet as drool seeps from her lips and strews down her body. A harsh jumping DDT smashes Faith into the mats headfirst and sends her into lightly twerking twitches. Christina mounts her back and lifts her head as she presents her comatose doll to the audience. Forearm blows to the back of the head scramble Faith’s brains even more as the intensity of the drool increases. Christina leaves Faith in a drool of her own saliva then presents her new stable to the fans and will use Faith as the first example of their dominion.

Christina lifts Faith by the hair and presents her face to the camera as it’s completely drenched in spit. She then forces Faith into the mess with X-factor KO, which also incites twitching. Christina forces Faith into a frontal headlock and gets a fistful of her panties, forcing them up for a bullying wedgie. With full control, Christina squishes Face and stirs her around, before performing a 2nd sister abigail knockout that sends Faith into feeble twitches. Another 10-count single leg pin is scored by the amazon and the smackdown continues.

Faith proceeds to lightly froth from Christina’s trouncing and she’s forced into a seated sleeperhold. Faith’s overwhelmed with convulsions from the asphyxiating clutch and is ragdolled in Christina’s lap. Christina lifts her up and sends her crashing back into the mats with a twisting fisherman’s neckbreaker that lays Faith out into soft spasms. Another frontal headlock with forced wedgie torments the exhausted Faith and coerces more drooling. An endearing forehead kiss precedes another wrecking sister abigail slam that leaves Faith floored and convulsing. Christina sits on Faith’s chest and hooks the leg for a successful 10-count pin. Again Christina presents the obliterated Faith to the camera as she pops off and warns her oncoming foes of what’s in store for them. Faith is left drenched in her own product with an empty stare at the ceiling from the devastating pummeling by Christina Carter.

Face punches
Piggyback sleeper
Wall splash KO
Sister abigail KOs
Feigned 10-count single leg hook pin
Lifting bearhug KO
10-count single leg hook pins
Ragdolling w/ drooling
Forearms to head KO
X-factor KO
Hair pulling
Headlocks w/ wedgies
Seated sleeperhold KO
Fisherman’s neckbreaker KO
10-count reverse schoolgirl w/ leg hook pin
Face slaps
Eye rolling
Tongue protrusion
Excess drooling
Frothy drool
Trash talk
Alternate takes


Length: 20 min
Price: 19.99