(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Christina Carter is making her way to SKW again resulting in a very excited SK who gushes about just how wonderful a superstar she is. A stalking Christina stealths up from behind, interrupting his monologue with an applied sleeperhold that drains him enough for the golden window to perform a reverse DDT. She follows up with a reverse headscissor, but doesn’t commit to the knockout. As she picks him up, SK strikes back with a set of low blows and transitions to a rear atomic drop that doubles Christina over. A frontal atomic drop softens Christina up to bring her to the mats for a belly claw submission. SK ups the pain with a grinding belly claw and  clutches her face with a hand smother for the KO.

SK takes a moment to recover and confirms Christina’s out with limb checks. She’s lifted and taunted with face play before being rudely awakened with a heelish pair of fishhooks to the mouth. She endures an abdominal stretch paired with a belly claws, wedgies, and navel pokes. With Christina feeble and on all fours, SK takes advantage by forcing her into an arching backbreaker submission accompanied by more belly claws, navel pokes, and a hand smother to sap her energy for a KO. SK thinks about scoring a pin, but instead opts for belly claws to waken her for more.

With Christina’s breasts fighting their way out of her top, SK keeps the heat up by pressing her against the wall and laying into her with a range of belly-based attacks and a hand smother to leave her stunned. She’s bent over and teased with a rough wedgie before a pedigree dunks her face first for a derri “air” KO. A second pedigree scrambles her brains even further and shuts her lights off. A heelish wedgie nearly lifts her from the mats and she’s flipped across the mats to be placed front and center for a camel clutch. A hand smother is applied during the back-crunching submission and she doesn’t stand a chance as she goes out cold. With the hold applied, he wakes her once more, teasing her with a nostril pull, fish hooks, and a hand smother leaving her limp and KO’d.

Christina’s lack of reactions confirms she’s a ragdoll and SK shakes her awake with a belly claw. She’s squished tight in a bearhug that’s assisted by wedgies to soften her up, then when she hits the mats on her knees she falls victim to a standing headscissor with more wedgie action. SK puts Christina to bed with a pedigree leaving her slack jawed and unresponsive to any checks. More wedgies agitate her awake and she’s taken out with another plunging pedigree. With Christina counting sheep, SK places her in his lap and teases her before closing the match out with a 20-count folding matchbook pin. A once confident Christina lies sprawled out on the mats with her assets on display from yet another glorious match.

Reverse DDT
Reverse headscissor
Low blows
Rear atomic drop
Frontal atomic drop
Belly claws
Belly claw w/ hand smother KO
Fish hooks
Navel pokes
Abdominal stretch w/ belly claws
Backbreaker hold w/ belly claw
Belly punching w/ hand smothering
Pedigree KOs
Camel clutch w/ hand smother KO
Standing headscissor w/ wedgie
20-count matchbook pin
Derri “air” KO poses
Eye check
Limb checks
Limp play
Instant replay
Nip slips
Face play
Trash talk


Length: 20 min
Price: 19.99