The adorable SASHA (from our friends at Fem Wrestling Rooms) is very excited to have hired the legendary CHEYENNE JEWEL for a wrestling session! It seems she has a secret fantasy to be dominated by a more powerful wrestler and they don’t more powerful than Cheyenne!  The famous session wrestler is more than happy to oblige and before you know it little Sasha has been locked in a devastating Sleeperhold as Cheyenne’s powerful arms squeeze her to dream land.

Sasha barely has a chance to wake up before she finds herself wrapped up in Cheyenne’s muscular thighs in a reverse figure four headscissor.  You can see in her eyes the exact moment she realizes that sometimes fantasy and reality don’t mix and she panics before being put out yet again!

By the time Cheyenne has put the slim beauty through another series of knockouts (from a head vice squeeze, body punches, and a front headscissor), the groggy and terrified Sasha is begging for the session to end.  But not only does Cheyenne want to give the poor girl her money’s worth, she is just having too much fun to stop!

More knockouts follow, everything from a lifting bearhug and body scissor/Sleeperhold to a piledriver! Cheyenne ever shows off by carrying Sasha around both over her shoulder and in a fireman’s carry.  Finally however, perhaps after seeing her plaything is too destroyed to be much fun anymore, the powerhouse delivers a final Tombstone Piledriver to end Sasha’s session, capping it off with a 10 count reverse school girl pin.  Cheyenne enjoys a quick victory pose before leaving the destroyed beauty on the mat.

Poor Sasha slowly comes to and groggily crawls across the mat to her cell phone, placing a call to Sleeperkid to let him know that she is just too destroyed to work this week….or maybe ever again!  If nothing else this will hopefully help Sasha to keep in mind the old adage:  be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.


Length: 15 min

Price: 12.99