(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



In this pro-style ten-count bout we have Devon pitted against industry legend Rain.  After a quick count-down, the match begins and the combatants size each other up, having wrestled each other before.

Quickly the girls lock up, then Devon maneuvers Rain into a side standing headlock, before taking her to the mat, keeping a hold on her lock.  Releasing the hold, Devon pops up to her feet only to plunge down with a standing leg-drop, the impact landing squarely on Rain’s belly, stunning her. Devon quickly follow up with a fast belly splash, then hauls Rain to her feet by the hair, only to throw her into the wall head first, following up the assault with a stiff shot to Rain’s exposed belly.  Pressing her advantage, Devon quickly fires a series of knee lifts into Rain’s abdomen, driving the air from her lungs, then follows up with belly punches and kicks. A snap mare takes Rain to the mat, only for Devon to haul her back to her feet and delivering a crisp snap suplex.
Using her speed, Devon then delivers a running snap mare, leaving the legend stunned.  Seeing an opening, Devon hauls her back to her feet, delivering a jumping DDT, laying Rain out on the mat

Suddenly from out of nowhere, Lacey enters the fray attacking Devon from behind! Clubbing her with a double axe handle, Lacey sends Devon to the mat, then checks on Rain. Rain claims that Devon has been cheating, incensing her comrade in arms. In retribution, Lacey lays Devon out with a brutal European Uppercut, smashing her elbow into Devon’s jaw.  Clubbing forearms and kicks follow as Devon finds herself victim of a two on one situation.  A blatant choke hold keeps Devon down as Rain gets back to her feet.
The troublesome twosome haul Devon to her feet, throwing her into the wall before unloading a series of belly punches and kicks to the lone combatant, punishing her before Devon drops to the floor.

Continuing the punishment, Devon is hauled back onto her feet, only to be taken down by a drop toe hold by Lacey, as Rain follows up with an elbow drop to Devon’s back. Devon writhes in pain, moaning hard, but stomps and kicks keep her down before the devious duo haul her into a double-team Camel Clutch/Boston Crab combo. Devon can only shriek in pain as Rain drives elbow after elbow into her face, then claws her eyes.

Rain and Lacey strategize, as Lacey then hauls Devon into a second Camel Clutch, while Rain lines up for a drop kick to Devon’s head.  The punishment continues as Lacey grinds Devon’s face into the mat, then hauls her back to her feet, yanking her into a bear hug, made worse as Rain turns it into a double!  Devon is almost out before she’s dropped to the mat.
Next they devise to put Devon in the Lacey Lock as Rain uses her speed to deliver running thrust kicks to Devon’s chest, finally releasing her and dropping her back down to the mat.

Rain presses the attack, wrapping Devon’s legs into a triangle Boston Crab, wrenching poor Devon’s back excruciatingly as Lacey makes things worse by yanking her head back by the hair.

Finally releasing her, they come up with another idea… a double suplex! Hauling Devon to her feet, they take place on either side and haul the hapless heap of her high into the air, driving her back-first into the mat. Seeming more like a rag doll than a wrestler, Devon flops on the ground as the duo stomp a mud-hole into her, then use their claws to rake her back over and over.
They then roll her over, driving knees into her belly before applying a quadruple belly claw, making Devon shriek in pain, following up the assault with a pair of elbow drops, then haul her back to her feet only to hit her with a Double Team Kill Switch

Rain goes for a pinfall, but without warning, out of nowhere, in flies Sapphire, running circles around the pugilistic pair with running elbow drops and snap mares.  Taken by surprise, they’re unprepared for this turn of events as Sapphire pulls them both to their feet, delivering a double stunner and laying them out.

Sapphire drops an elbow into Lacey’s belly before hauling Devon, who has been knocked out, across both of them, counting out a ten count pinfall for the unconscious Devon. A surprise win, but what does this mean?

Pro Style
Double Team
Boston Crab
Camel Clutch
Running Knee
Snap Mare
Running Snap Mare
Head Lock
Belly Stomp
Back Stomp
Bear Hug
Dual Bear Hug
Back Rake
Running Drop Kick
Dual Suplex
Elbow Drop
Choke Hold
Triangle Boston Crab
Kill Switch
Run in Save


Length: 13 min

Price: 9.99