(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Poor Anne Marie has met up with Lia Labowe, expressing her remorse for letting her bullies get the upper hand on her. Lia, being the big sister she is, is game to help Anne pick up on her hand-to-hand skills and deal some damage back to her devious tormentors. In addition, what better a way than to get first-hand experience?!

Lia demonstrates that confidence and inflicting intimidation is going to give her the edge. A fearsome demeanor and some flinches get Anne on the backfoot before Lia scoops her for an OTS carry and hurls her around the room. Lia explains her technique and does a little airplane spin to show her strength before placing Anne back on the mats. Lia’s proctorship continues and she hits and with a frontal lift and carry. After setting Anne down, Lia shows her another angle of approach for the lift and carry then performs an airplane spin with a strong disposition.

Lia proceeds to build Anne’s confidence with empowering words, then springs a fireman’s carry on her. Lia dashes around and spins with her before upping the ante a bit. Anne can feel the exhaustion as she’s hurled around with another fireman’s carry and flexed on. Anne gets a chance at the fireman’s carry but isn’t able to pull it off as she can’t lift Lia. Lia shows off the fireman’s carry once more, executing it with ease, then they move into something less strenuous. Lia performs a piggyback sleeper and shows how she can lock it in by underhooking her arms beneath Anne’s thighs. Anne tuckers herself out struggling to break free, then proves even further as she swings Anne around while maintaining the hold. Lia fakes a couple rams into the wall that rattles Anne, then finally sits her down after the taxing exhibition.

Lia’s barely broken a sweat and she’s ready to present more with a shoulder ride carry. Anne climbs up on Anne’s shoulders and Lia’s impressive strength shows her lifting Anne solely with her base and core. Anne’s shook by the high and dangerous position, but Lia couldn’t feel more alive. Lia lets Anne down to her relief and the ladies pow wow further about the shoulder carry. Their training session escalates to knockouts to amp the physicality and teach Anne some assertiveness. Lia strikes Anne unconscious with a neck chop then lifts her with an OTS carry while explaining her controlling methods. She puts down Anne who lethargically splashes the mat, then dominantly stands over her as she wakes her with face taps.

Anne has trouble collecting herself in the face of Lia’s teachings, then is yanked to her feet by the arms. Anne is reluctant to proceed, but regardless Lia guides her further. A sleeperhold is slowly clasped around Anne’s throat and the suffocating effects soon kick in on the student. Lia lifts Anne’s dead weight with a fireman’s carry, putting her art into practice before laying Anne out. Lia revives Anne and inquires about just how effective her methods are. They get right into the next move, which is a shocking heart punch that thuds off Anne’s chest. Anne enters a groaning daze and on the receiving end of Lia’s lift and carry. Anne dangles like a lifeless doll before Lia drops her to the mats

Lia wakes Anne for more, who can barely keep the lights on. Lia performs another piggyback carry and locks the thighs with the underhook. She executes her fake rams into the wall to inflict fear, then lights her high enough to reach back and accomplish a nerve pinch to Anne’s neck. Anne goes limp in the carry and splats backwards on the mats getting a brief rest before Lia is on her again. Lia hits her astounding shoulder ride carry once more then plays more chicken with impacts against the wall. She cuts the games and splashes Anne into the wall backwards a couple times to knock her out. She wakes Anne who awakens in confusion, then takes her out with pressure point squeezes to the hips. Lia drops to her knees before dropping Anne into a sprawl. Lia’s not quite done teaching, but Anne can’t get up for anymore of it. Lia then takes the opportunity to go on break for a snack, leaving Anne to recover from the compelling showcase.

Over-the-shoulder carries
Lift and carries
Fireman’s carries
Piggyback carries
Shoulder ride carries
Airplane spins
Neck chop KO
Sleeperhold KO
Heart punch KO
Piggyback carry w/ nerve pinch KO
Shoulder ride wall splashes KO
Shoulder ride nerve pinch KO
Limp play
Eye check
Tongue protrusion


Length: 20 min
Price: 19.99