As Sleeperkid gives a glowing interview praising Tara Bush’s return to SKW, the blonde bombshell attacks from behind, eager to make a name for herself by putting the hurt on the bossman himself! She goes for a standing sleeper hold, smiling and confident as she makes eyes at the camera…not noticing as SK pulls his arm forward, and delivers a series of elbows to Tara’s belly that release him from the hold! Angered by her treachery in the face of such warm comments, SK proceeds to put Tara through the proverbial ringer, picking her up in a brutal torture rack and going on to an over the knee backbreaker. The pain continues via boston crab, camel clutch, reverse bearhug KO, atomic drop, piledriver KO, pedigree KO, belly blows, and a second pedigree KO that ends it for the visiting wrestler. SK goes for the requisite 10 count pin as Bobcat the camera girl counts it off…and even then, SK vows to make it up to Tara with dinner and some drinks that evening. What a nice dude!!!

Length: 9 min, 29 sec

Price: $7.99