(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



This two-part set features Jessica Nova as she squares off against both Serena and Ivy.  In Part One, Jessica challenges any of the girls from Sleeperkid to step up to her, crowing over her victory over Sapphire, but while she’s gloating, Ivy sneaks up behind and launches onto her back, wrapping her head into a Sleeper Hold. Jessica staggers and wobbles as her eyes cross and roll, but reaches back to flip the tiny brunette down onto her butt.  Applying her own Sleeper Hold, she shows the diminutive diva how it’s done, quickly making her eyes flutter and roll before she passes out.  Jessica isn’t done with her yet, rousing Ivy to consciousness only to pull her into Jessica’s signature move, The Double O Seven, crushing Ivy’s abdomen between her knees until she again fades out.  Ivy’s punishment continues as she’s yanked into the air for a series of brutal Body Slams to the mat, wrenching her slender back. Easily carrying Ivy around, Jessica hits few Sidewalk Slams before trapping her in a merciless Neck Scissors, knocking Ivy out yet again.  Planking Neck Scissors, Airplane Spins, Clotheslines from Hell, Belly Punching, Standing Foot Chokes, Carotid Artery Foot presses keep the tiny brunette off her game and off her feet.

Part Two sees Jessica taking on Serena in a No Holds Barred Submission match.  The combatants engage in some trash talk that turns into a shoving match, allowing Jessica to yank Serena into a crushing Bear Hug. Serena’s eyes roll and cross as she dangles high in the air before being dumped onto the mat.  Refusing to submit, Jessica pulls her up again cinching the Bear Hug in until Serena is almost out.  But this isn’t a Knock Out match, it’s a submission Jessica is looking for!  Jessica uses her power to haul Serena up for a set of brutal Body Slams, crushing her back onto the mat, softening Serena up for a Double Chicken Wing. Serena still refuses to give up, moaning and whimpering in the air, so Jessica opts for a Backbreaker Press, complete with Belly Punching to Serena’s exposed tummy. A few X Factors later, Serena is pulled up into another Double Chicken Wing and finally whimpers her submission. Jessica is truly dominant in SKW!

X Factor
Body Slams
Sidewalk Slams
Neck Scissors
Multiple Knockouts
Double Chicken Wing
Squash Match
Victory Posing
Airplane Spins
Belly Punching
Belly Stomping
Standing Foot Chokes
Double O Seven
Back Breakers
Crossed Eyes
Pro Style
Baby Swing
Carotid Artery Foot Press

Length: 20 min

Price: 16.99