(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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The coming match sees the petite, yet tough Peyton Rose facing off against the fiery PAWG, Violet Blayze. The ladies will be engaged in a no holds barred, multi-falls match with the most falls by the time limit being declared the winner. SK performs the countdown and the two size each other up to start things off.

Violet goes for a clothesline that Peyton slips under and counters with a piggyback sleeperhold. Violet tries to keep her bearings, but Peyton takes her down to a sitting position to a rear seated sleeperhold. She wraps her legs around the squirming amazon to up the potency. Violet is lulled to sleep as she stops resisting the hold and gives in. Peyton mocks her opponent before slipping out to apply her next move. Jumping belly splashes startle Violet in and out of consciousness. The ab-crunching splashes spring her limbs upward, her juicy thighs quake as they slap the mats. Peyton hooks the leg for the 10-count and takes the first fall of the battle. She shows off her delicious figure as she places a foot on the stomach of the comatose tigress.

Violet recovers and the ladies reset to a round start. The twosome gives the okay to begin scrapping and we’re into the 2nd round. Violet goes for a clothesline similar to the previous round and Peyton evades it again. Peyton is able to lock in a piggyback sleeper to the powerhouse, but there’s been a change of plans. Violet reverses in the wall a few times, splashing Peyton against it and causing her to break the hold. Peyton leans against the wall winded and groggy allowing Violet to charge in with a running splash that siphons Peyton’s vitality for a derri “air” KO. Violet proceeds by waking Peyton and capturing her in a sleeperhold and berating her. Peyton’s choked into a flimsy daze and Violet drops her to the mats.

She sits Peyton up and stirs her awake to secure another sleeperhold. Peyton gurgles and moans as she tries her damndest to stay awake but Violet’s heat is too much for her to withstand. Violet toys with her fun size foe and Peyton retorts tough as nails, but the pressure from the sleeperhold sees Peyton acquiesce to Violet’s strength as she concedes to the submission. Next, Violet repays the favor of belly splashes to crush not only her figure, but her will to fight. The air is audibly projected from Peyton’s core as Violet’s stature squishes her ribs with forceful slams. Peyton yields to Violet’s tenacity and a single leg hook 10-count ensures she’s out for the count. Violet earns her victory pose as she places a boot on Petyon’s belly and prepares for the coming round.

The ladies enter a back to back stance again as they ready up for the next round, this time with Peyton looking visibly groggy. SK initiates the countdown and Peyton brings out the heel tactics with a preemptive sleeperhold to her stacked opposition. Violet adapts to the cheating tactics with a falling jawbreaker to Peyton’s chin that leaves her stunned, writhing, and clutching her face. Violet performs a lifting bearhug on the spunky grappler, hoisting her off the floor, then digging into her solar plexus and lower back. The submission is incredibly taxing on Peyton as she groans, grimaces, curses, shrieks, and arches back in pain as Violet has her way with her. Violet compresses tighter with every squeeze, forcing gruff “OOF”s from the pixie as she grows submissive to the puissant PAWG. Violet constricts and squashes till there’s nothing left and Peyton begs to be put away. A final crush drains Peyton of her final breaths and a limb check illustrates the damage done. Violet adds insult to injury with an OTS carry and a hint of ragdolling before laying Peyton out. She ends the round with a 10-count matchbook pin and poses victoriously with a pressing boot.

In the beginning of fourth, Violet can’t contain her satisfaction as she’s all smiles while Peyton is drooling and halfway into a coma. SK’s countdown has the ladies come face to face and Peyton’s in no condition to scrap. In subdued tones she admits her defeat while being courteously handled by Violet. Violet blows a kiss at the stupefied fairy and Peyton flops into a spread eagle, KO’d nymph. Violet giggles at her handiwork and performs a single leg hook 10-count pin… but stops at the count of 9 as she has more in store. Face taps revive Peyton into a groggy mess and her rebellious nature returns. Violet yanks her to her feet as she’s not so pleased with the retort and is ready to unleash her signature moves to drive her point home.

A DDT sends Peyton skull first into the mats and whiplashing forward into a knockout. Violet hoists her to her feet once more and puts her lights out with an X-factor KO. After the confirmation, Peyton barely has the vigor to get to her feet, but Violet is there to help. Violet flips her upside down for a tombstone and spikes her into the mats headfirst. Aftershocks cause Peyton to go into delayed spasms and Violet gets hands on a chair from the back. A depleted Peyton receives a chair shot from her persecutor and begins to cough up and spittle from the concluding blow. Her eyes go from rolled back, to fluttering, to shut as she has nothing left to give. Violet rolls her up in a leg locking matchbook pin and begins the count. Halfway through Peyton wakes, but a right hook sends her back to dreamland allowing Violet to score the fall. Violet then places a boot over Peyton’s groin and postures in triumph, showing what SKW’s new heel is capable of.

Piggyback sleeperholds
Sleeperhold KOs
Belly splashes KOs
Single leg hook 10-count pins
Rear wall splashes
Wall splash KO
Lifting bearhug
Bearhug KO
Over-the-shoulder carry
10-count matchbook pin
Blown kiss KO
X-factor KO
Tombstone piledriver KO
Chair shot w/ spit take KO
10-count leg locking matchbook pin
Matchbook pin punch KO
Derri “air” KO pose
Instant replays
Eye checks
Limb checks
Victory poses
Alternate takes


Length: 24 min
Price: 22.99