Angelina’s giving an interview where she ridicules her upcoming opponent, the UK’s very own HONEY! Honey suddenly attacks, pounding Angelina’s belly with stomps…only to back her into a wall and continue the belly beating with knees and punches. Honey continues, using all of Angelina’s favorite holds against her! A camel clutch is followed by a leg nelson, boston crab, bearhug to a near-KO, surfboard, and finally a figure four neck-scissors that KO’s her victim. Just to add insult to injury, Honey wakes Angelina up and KO’s her with her very own signature finisher…the STUNNER! That one definitely ends it, leaving Angelina limp and open to a humiliating 3 count leghook pin/foot-on-belly victory pose!

Length: 11 min, 07 sec

Price: $9.99