Torey Payne is on the SKW mats and more than a little annoyed that Jessie Belle is now more than 15 minutes late for their scheduled match. She complains to Sleeperkid that she’s been working out hard for this match. I mean, the LEAST Jessie could do is show up on time. Ironically, just as Torey is wrapping up her conversation, Jessie happens to walk in. It’s obvious she’s caught the end of the conversation. She calls Torey out on it, telling her that she’s here NOW and ready to go. Torey wants the match but is a little confused why Jessie isn’t dressed for the occasion. It’s supposed to be a bikini match, but Jessie is still in her regular outfit! Torey explains that she doesn’t need a bikini to beat the pants off of Torey. At this point, the girls go face to face for a stare down and the match begins. They lock up and Torey delivers a knee to the belly, followed by a throw to the wall. Once there Torey’s beat down truly begins. Jessie takes her time totally dominating the pretty and sunny Torey and enjoys every minute (and every KO!) of it.


Belly punches
Sleeper hold
Triangle choke
Belly claw
Pile driver
Limp body checks
Multiple KO’s
10 count pins
Mandible claw
Leg nelson
Head slams to mat
Reverse head scissors
Camel clutch
Elbow drops
Sleeper variation
Strong zero KO



Length: 17 min

Price: 14.99