Following the in the footsteps of “Boxing Keri” and the now legendary “Boxing Devon”, this clip features a totally one-sided boxing battle between SK and Angelina! The blows fly with a frequency never seen before as Angelina takes a major defeat from SK’s gloves. Included are various blows to the belly, powerful uppercuts, right and left crosses, and 2 KO falls that decorate this bout. Angelina just can’t seem to get a single blow in, and the punishment eventually takes its toll, leaving the lovely brunette wobbling like a ragdoll on the mat. SK finally ends it with a right/left hook-uppercut KILLER combo that leaves Angelina completely unconscious on the ground. After performing a quick eye check, two things are clear: Angelina is definitely out for the night… and Sleeperkid is now three for three in the mixed boxing department!!

Length: 11 min 31 sec

Price: $9.99