(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



We open with Sumiko welcoming you to her live stream, decked out in white bikini knee-high socks and boxing gloves, being stared down by Serena, wearing a black bikini, as Sumiko prattles on about her boxing abilities. As Sumiko runs her down, Serena’s mood darkens until Sumiko decides to spar with her.  Serena leans in, but a series of punches to the belly and head drive Serena to the wall, air exploding from her lungs as she staggers dazedly. As Serena’s eyes cross and her head snaps back and forth, Sumiko lays into her with right hooks, shots to the belly and jabs, rocking Serena on her heels until she’s driven down to her knees, taking a flurry of brutal jabs to the face before being laid out by a wicked uppercut.
Sumiko mercilessly lays into her, punching her around the mat and against the wall until Serena finally collapses in a heap, her ass high in the air.  Sumiko takes time to gloat, giving Serena a chance to gather herself, surprising Sumiko with a kick to the belly and then pancakes her with a stunning pedigree, leaving Sumiko lying in the center of the mat.  Serena strips her of her gloves before kicking her awake, crawling on top of her to apply a face hooked camel clutch, making Sumiko squeal and thrash as she cinches in the hold.  Not finished yet, Serena bends her into a back breaker over her knee, clawing at Sumiko’s belly before dumping the squealing girl onto the mat, only to wrap her into a crushing figure four leg lock, making her opponent thrash and struggle, her legs bent with greater and greater pressure.

Serena grabs Sumiko and wrenches her legs apart with a groin splitter, then wraps her into a cradle sharp-shooter, lifting the petite combatant clear off the mat as she squeals in pain.  Looking to further the punishment, Serena grabs Sumiko’s thighs and pulls her into a wrenching Boston crab, as Sumiko can only pound the mat as her back bows excruciatingly. Serena switches to single legs crabs, wrenching each back horribly, then stomps Sumiko’s back and yanks her into a surfboard, making her wail until she passes out.

The crafty wrestler isn’t done yet , hauling Sumiko to her feet and yanking her up by her neck into a Widows Peak, dropping her to the bat before working her leg with an ankle lock, making her squeal helplessly.  The pain isn’t over yet, though, as Serena hauls her to her feet and bends her back into an inverted dragon sleeper, making her eyes cross and roll until she fades out, but the punishment continues with a devastating arm bar that makes Sumiko tap out.

Serena wants to make an example of the cocky boxer, pulling her into a crushing bearhug until Sumiko’s eyes roll into the back of her head, an arm bar sleeper hold as Sumiko desperately tries to tap out before passing out, seated thigh splitter that has her squealing before punches to the face knock her out yet again, before posing over her victorious.

For a special treat, Serena ties Sumiko’s arms behind her back, making her completely helpless, then rolls her onto her back, revealing lipstick writing on her belly claiming her as Serena’s Bitch…  she wakes Sumiko up then bends her over the knee for a humiliating spanking on her bare backside, then knocks her out one last time with a good old fashioned sleeper hold. Finally she hauls Sumiko out with an over the shoulder carries, the humiliation complete.

Face Punching
Belly Punching
Belly Kicking
Arm Bars
Camel Clutch
Boston Crab
Sleeper Hold
Crossed eyes
Rolling Eyes
Belly claw
Back Breaker
Dragon Sleeper
Over The Shoulder Carry
Widow’s Peak


Length: 27 min

Price: 22.99