(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Laced up and ready to rumble, you turn to see Monroe enter the room pissed and ready to do damage. None too pleased with the ass kicking you delivered in their last bout, she gives you the chance to leave and your stern headshaking leaves her in disbelief. She cuts to the chase and throws a right to your face that you shrug off with ease. Return fire sees her stagger back in astonishment and subsequent shots drop her on her rear. She staggers to her feet shaking the dizziness off and tries to keep her aggressive stance, but a stiff jab to the face puts her confidence in check. Following punches rock her about the mats and send her spinning as she desperately tries to stay afoot. With every blow she grows more punchdrunk and depleted. An uppercut drops her to her knees and in delayed effect she collapses forward into a twitchy heap for the first knockout.

Monroe faintly whimpers, drool pouring from her lips as she regains her senses. The slight frothing of her saliva shows just how dire her predicament has become. She’s completely out of it as she tries to rise, her body fails as her limbs give way and her dazed state renders her helpless. She gets to her feet after an arduous exertion, but her lack of strength leaves her open for more of your crushing pugilism. Impactful punches pump the air from her midriff causing her to heavily exhale as she moans. You mix it up with shots to the groin, then drop her to the mats with an uppercut KO. She lies sprawled, twitching, and tongue dangling from the beating. As she tries to sit up you halt her progress with strikes to the face. You give her the opportunity to rally, but she falters around in pure senselessness. Repeatedly she gets to her knees but collapses as she can’t gather herself.

You finally help Monroe up by the hair and shove her against the wall for a series of face, belly, and groin punches. A violent uppercut sends her sliding down against the wall leaving drool to drip down her body as her tongue protrudes. You engage with another myriad of belly and groin punches alongside limb checks. She tries to regain her wits, but is fully dominated by lethargy. Again and again she tries to get to her feet and collapses in fatigue and excess grogginess. She manages to get to a stand only to suffer more of your nasty lefts and rights that knock her around the room. An uppercut leaves her out cold on her feet with her sopping tongue dripping saliva down her bikini top. She slumps into a derri “air” pose and twitches in submission. She tries to get up but is stifled by your hard left that curls her up again. She slowly makes her way to her knees and massive uppercut sends her tumbling to the back of the room where she folds into a convulsing matchbook pose.

Monroe finds the energy to get on all fours, but completely flattens, face down and twitching. Repeatedly she tries to stand but topples to a twitching heap in utter exhaustion. You catch her vulnerable in a derri “air” pose and rain uppercuts to her unprotected groin. You take the opportunity to douse your glove with chloroform extra effectiveness. She continually struggles to recover as she flounders all over the mats. Once she’s up, your offense continues with positioning to the wall and an assortment of groin and belly punches along with gloved fist smothers. Her will folds to a second glove smother causing a torrent a drool to pour down her succulent frame as she’s out cold. Her arms dangle against your limb checks and she softly responds to your belly and groin punches. You top her off with a savage uppercut that makes her shamble forward before lifelessly flopping forward into twitches. You add insult to injury with a sharp punch to the kidney forcing her to deliver a spit take as she enters even more convulsions.

You flip her over and she spasms defenselessly in spread eagle. You lay into her midsection with belly punches, then stand over her as you deliver heavy jabs to the face. A thunderous left hook puts her lights out as she spit takes all over the mat, then enters wild convulsions. You offer a bit of mercy as you help her to her feet where she stands utterly zonked. You go to town on her midsection with belly and groin shots that she faintly groans against. You go upstairs with a variety of face punches, then sprawl her into convulsions with an uppercut to the jaw. You grab a chair from the back and plant it in the center for your next action. You place her in the seat and rattle her brains with more face shots. More strikes to the stomach and twat leave her concussed and open for your bodily checks. A winding uppercut lifts her out of the seat and flying back as the chair folds, reclining her for more vanquished twitching and seeping drool. You execute your 10-count to secure the knockout and she continues spasming beyond her control.

You reward yourself and punish Monroe by flipping her over and untying her bra. You flip her back over and she continues to convulse tits up in impotence. To make a statement you stuff her bikini top in her mouth, gagging her for a nice gift to wake up to in a distant future where she finally recovers.

Face punching KOs
Uppercut KOs
Belly punching
Groin punching
Exhaustion KOs
Derri “air” groin punches
Chloroform glove smothers KO
Kidney punch w/ spit take KO
Left hook w/ spit take KO
Chair-assisted uppercut KO
Bra strip
Bra gag
First-person PoV
Matchbook KO pose
Derri “air” KO pose
Tongue protrusion
Limb checks
Eye checks


Length: 41 min
Price: 39.99