(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Length: 60 min

Price: $29.99

Starring: Roni Jonah, Emmie, Fantasy, Bobcat, Alex, Tara Bush, and Sleeperkid

SEGMENT ONE: Emmie vs Roni

We fade in on the lovely Roni Jonah preening for the camera as she brags about her vast experience and skill.  When asked how she think she’ll do against her upcoming opponent, all Roni can do is roll her eyes as she predicts an easy win.  As the trash talk goes on, however, the lovely Emmie makes her way into the room and takes Roni down with a sudden sneak attack via a rag soaked in everyone’s favorite KO chemical!

A few seconds later and the boastful Roni is out cold on the mats, leaving Emmie to prove her worth with a subsequent cobra clutch attack that once again leaves the pro sleeping on the mats.  Emmie goes for a sleeper hold…almost making it to the end until Roni sends an elbow into her midsection, turning the tables and trapping the youngster in a cobra clutch of her own!   Soon enough, Emmie’s napping on the mats as Roni prepares to work the rookie over.

Using an effective sleeper hold KO, camel clutch/cloth KO, and a bearhug KO , Roni wears Emmie down and out, leaving her motionless on the ground as she launches into yet another camera brag session…unaware that Emmie is stirring in the background!  One low blow later and Roni’s on the ground, leaving Emmie able to reach the cloth and go for one final, desperate KO attempt!   Fight as she does, Roni eventually succumbs …leaving an exhausted Emmie barely able to score the leghook pin for the win!


SEGMENT TWO: Emmie and Fantasy vs Roni and Bobcat

This one’s an all out tag team war as two teams go for the win with zero holds barred! Emmie and Fantasy start off in control, delivering some impressive tag brutality, but they’re just no match for the combined experience that eventually turns the tables. Double KOs, submissions and more pop up within the action, until a final double sleeper hold ends it for Fantasy and Emmie…leaving an arrogant pair posing proudly over their defeated opponnents!



We fade in on a very boastful Roni Jonah giving SK a rundown on how easily she’s about to beat her opponent…the one and only Alex! As the raven-haired pro tells SK how talented and unbeatable she is, Alex sneaks up and pounces, locking on a surprise piggy back sleeper hold that slowly wears Roni down…and eventually leaves her out cold! What follows is a rare one-sided bash with Alex dispensing the KOs on her bigger and more experiences opponent. Roni suffers extended trips to dreamland via neck pinch, figure four neckscissors, temple drill, cobra clutch, seated reverse bearhug, and a final bodyscissor/kiss of death front sleeper that sends Roni to her final eyeroll-filled knockout! Fans of eyerolls, dramatic KOs, and one-sided losses are destined to put this one in their top ten lists…and with talents like Roni and Alex delivering the goods, this one may make it to number one!


SEGMENT FOUR: Wonder-Roni and Super-Tara vs Bobcat!

After initially defeating the evil Bobcat, our two heroines are suddenly trapped as their nemesis teleports and takes control! Both heroines suffer KO after humiliating KO as Bobcat simply toys with her victims, using everything from neckpinches, punchouts, sleepers, and more to subdue the duo.

One final heap of supergirls is all that remains for our antagonist to pose over as we fade to black!


SEGMENT FIVE: Roni vs Sleeperkid

Fans of our our MIXED DREAMS series wil love this squash match, with Roni losing to Sleeperkid via a barrage of blows, KOs, and submission moves….including the sleeper, running snapmares, belly blow KO, temple drill, heart punch, and more!

Roni’s used to winning, but this was one fight SK was happy to disappoint her with!