(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


We here at SKW had made a promise about a free clip if a certain outcome in the presidential election were to come to fruition… we have now kept that promise. Because Joseph Biden has won, here is a free clip to download. I’ll say that one more time, because Joe Biden won the election and will be the next president in January, we will be offering you this clip, for free. That’s a free clip, with Joe Biden winning, and a free clip. JOE BIDEN WON… SO HERE’S A FREE CLIP… BIDEN… FREE… BIDEN… CLIP… Of course we have respect for all different viewpoints and perspectives along the political spectrum here at SKW, but… BIDEN WON.

We fade in on the beautiful April Flowers standing back to back to the stunning newcomer Willow, who looks to make her SKW universe debut with a knockouts only match. They trade a few quick, easy barbs with one another before immediately jumping into the match. Early on Willow is able to get the drop on the beautiful skw veteran and surprise her with a snapmare. While on the ground, April doesn’t react quick enough as Willow flies in with a kick to her back and immediately locks on an armbar.

April struggles against the armbar for only a few moments as Willow turns around and wraps her legs around April’s neck cutting off the blood flow in a reverse leg scissor. She can only struggle for so long, as the pressure builds, her eyes roll back and her face turns bright red as Willow watches enjoyably as her opponent falls off into dreamland between her legs. Willow lets April Flowers fall limp to the mats below.

Willow picks April up but was not prepared for April to hit her with a low blow, which stuns Willow for only a moment, but long enough to allow the momentum of the match to shift. April quickly pushes Willow against the wall and pounds her belly with punches and kicks that knock the wind out of the green fighter. April throws her across the room to the other wall and runs full speed at her opponent crushing her with a wall splash. Willow tumbles to the ground.

April Flowers doesn’t stop the assault and nearly folds Willow in half with a painful boston crab submission. While still holding it, April steps back, closer to Willow’s head, applying intense pressure on her spine. April lets her legs go and snaps on a camel clutch immediately. Willow groans out threats in the face of adversity, but April keeps her hand under her jaw, revealing her neck and yanking her head up while using her body to push down on Willow’s back.

Willow screams “I give” but unfortunately the rules were set from the beginning that this was to be a knockout only match, which means submitting does little or nothing to stave off a painful attack. Willow eventually gives way and passes out, but April quickly gets her up and wraps Willow’s own hair around her throat and chokes her with it. Willow’s mouth opens as she feels the pressure tightening around her neck, but can only manage choking noises and gasping sounds. April switches from Willow’s hair to her own and pulls it tightly across the windpipe of her fellow combatant. Willow’s tongue sticks out as she gasps into dreamland and starts to convulse. April yanks back and shakes her unconscious opponent’s limp neck a few times for good measure before letting the chokehold go.

April Flowers wakes up Willow with a thundering splash attack that quickly leads to a hooked leg and a pin. The countdown begins, but only gets to nine before Willow tosses her opponent off like a lion swatting a fly. Willow turns the tides in the match and pummels April with knees to the belly, a piledriver, a hair choke of her own, and the introduction of her signature move… the blue wave… Willow has won her first SKW match, just as Biden has won the presidency… We leave April complaining of a recount… however Willow has a perfect answer to those unstable cackles of irrationality…


Length: 12 min

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