(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Anne Marie stands before us, dolled up in her referee outfit as she introduces the competitors for today’s five on one match. We have Phoenix, Mia Hope, Dakota Charms, Faith, and Jessa all teaming up to take down the statuesque Buff Blondie. The squad shows their disdain for the solo competitor and once the terms are stated it’s off to the races with Jessa setting it off first.

The two begin tussling and Jessa gains the advantage by slamming Blondie into the wall and pressuring her with belly blows. Jessa continues devastating her ribs with a squeezing bearhug that leaves her winded and on her back. Jessa then pursues with a myriad of belly splashes and goes for her pin. Blondie kicks out, but Jessa continues cooking with a rear bodyscissor. Blondie displays great resilience as she counters with a leg lock to reverse the submission. She then fastens a sleeper to Jessa’s neck and wears her down. Jessa resists as best she can, but ends up a KO’d heap in the corner of the mats.

Next up is Faith who gets some just desserts with a piggyback sleeper to the lonesome looker. The hold drops Blondie to her knees and on the cusp of a KO, however she persists through the limb check. A belly blow into a tombstone piledriver sprawls Blondie to the mats and her leg is hooked for the pin. Blondie successfully kicks at two and reverses Faith’s momentum with a low blow. To the wall they go for Blondie to punish Faith’s stomach with heavy fists. They reposition and Blondie sits Faith down with a snapmare followed up by sleeperhold. Faith tries her damndest to survive, but suffers the same fate as Jessa, goodnight!

Dakota is next to try her luck and gets the upper hand with a dirty low blow. She continues the roughnecking with more stomps to the groin then traps Blondie in a reverse headscissor. Dakota finds success with a knockout but she must secure the pin to win the match. Blondie manages to kick before the three, but suffers further from a sleeperhold. She battles back with elbows to Dakota’s midsection and dazes her with a stunner. Blondie then secures her own sleeperhold trapping Dakota in the hurt locker. Dakota musters enough strength to survive the first limb check, but is left as an exhausted damsel.

Mia enters the mix with a leg-sweeping takedown and twists Blondie into a liontamer. Blondie withstands the snapping submission to then be forced against the wall and crushed with running splashes. Her wit allows her to slip by Mia’s reckless offense and she capitalizes with a few belly splashes. Mia then becomes subject to Blondie’s deadly sleeper and doesn’t have enough left to endure the fatiguing hold. Phoenix drags Mia to the back and the torch is hers to bear.

After a small dialogue Phoenix finds herself trapped in Blondie’s lethal sleeperhold. Before Anne can confirm the knockout, Blondie tosses Phoenix by the wayside. She then steals her cute frames and plants her square into the mats with a tombstone piledriver. Blondie then feigns a single leg hook pin in heel fashion, then constricts Phoenix with a baneful rear naked choke. Phoenix is powerless to break free and ends up KO’d, spelling defeat for her and her team. As Anne declares Blondie the victor, she gets the same treatment as the others as Blondie deceives her with a belly blow. Anne’s neck is curled into Blondie’s power bicep and squeezed till she’s a comatose heap on the mats.

The team of girls ends up in a body pile in the center of the room. Blondie then adds Anne as the special feature and poses victoriously over her victims. To add insult to injury, Blondie takes each of the ladies and puts them out once more with savage sleeperholds, leaving bodies everywhere in her wake. She’s made quite the mess, but very few would dare question her methods after this disturbing display.

Belly punching
Bearhug KO
Belly splashes
Single leg hook pins
Rear bodyscissor
Sleeperhold KOs
Piggyback sleeperhold
Tombstone piledriver KOs
Low blows
Stomps to groin
Reverse headscissor KO
Wall splashes
Rear naked choke KO
Body pile
Over-the-shoulder carry
Eye rolling
Limb checks
Eye check
Victory pose
Alternate takes


Length: 32 min
Price: 29.99