BLAKE THE SNAKE: chapter two

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Coco is decked out in a sexy white monokini, stretching, when Sumiko comes into the room bearing a strange gift. She introduces Coco to Blake the snake, explaining that he can be a fun part of their playdate. Sumiko begins to wind Blake around a confused Coco as she says, “He likes to give hugs”! Coco, feeling the pressure immediately, manages to wind the rest of Blake around Sumiko, stating that she wouldn’t want to hog all of the fun.

The play turns competitive quickly when Sumiko cranks on Blake which in turn amplifies the snake’s pressure. Coco is NOT amused by this and responds in kind. Both Sumiko and Coco begin their struggle to remain conscious as the snake asphyxiates their entire bodies, from mid-sections to necks. They stumble woozily before collapsing to their knees, eyes rolling and tongues lolling. Coco manages to get the upper hand and escape Blake’s clutches, mounting Sumiko and pressing down fully on the snake to send her out.

Coco stands up to resume her stretching while complaining about Sumiko and her shady ways. She begins a bit of a ramble, going so far as to call Sumiko a bitch. Coco has got herself so worked up that she doesn’t realize Sumiko has come around and is stalking up behind her again with Blake!

Sumiko pounces, and at first it seems that Coco is done for. It’s not long before both ladies are entangled again. Coco struggles valiantly a second time. As she narrowly escapes, to the horror of both girls, they realize Blake has truly come to and is squeezing the life out of Sumiko! Coco freezes in panic as she watches Sumiko drained of consciousness. When Sumiko has gone limp, Coco attempts to stealthily crawl away without alerting Blake, but her efforts prove to be fruitless. Blake snatches Coco by the neck and yanks her back, right on TOP of Sumiko. Coco fights the binds of the snake as best she can, but she, too, eventually succumbs to his squeezing prowess.

The scene fades with both beautiful ladies wrapped up in Blake’s tight hug, side by side.


Length: 10 min

Price: 7.99