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BLAKE THE SNAKE: chapter four

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Power ranger, Anne Marie, is making her way around her foe’s lair, seeking out her opposition. Suddenly she’s ambushed from behind with a bo staff thrust to the ribs that presses her against the wall, stealing her wind and taking her out. An eye check and limb check shows that Anne’s down and out.

After a brief rest she recovers but the assailant locks her into a frontal headscissor. The choking submission puts her down into a drooling heap and she doesn’t budge to any type of physical manipulation. She manages to gain her senses and comes to with her dukes up ready to scrap, but a tranq shot to the chest sends her into a derri “air” KO’d stupor as she flops to the mats. The villain circles Anne as she lies drained, then finishes her with a tranq shot to the rear.

Blake the snake has been summoned to finish the job as he appears before a waking Anne. Anne stumbles back to the wall in shock and passes out from the overwhelming dread. As she lies ripe for the taking the snake makes his move, coiling around the sleepy heroine for an inevitable and grueling awakening. Anne awakens in the coil, helpless and struggling but the bind is too strong for her to break. Crunching sounds precede Anne gradually passing out as the drool falls from her lips.

Anne gets a second wind and Blake gets a second squeeze, torturing Anne once more as she tries to break free. She puts up a fight as best she can as she wrestles the coiling serpent, but a second series of bone-crunching squeezes spells the end for her. A snap to the neck drops Anne on her back with a deadpan stare to the ceiling, twitching from the spiraling wrap around her enfeebled form.

Staff belly thrust KO
Frontal headscissor KO
Tranquilizer pistol KO
Fainting KO
Snake coiling squeeze KOs w/ drooling
Limb checks
Eye check
First-person PoV
Instant replay
Derri “air” KO pose
Tongue protrusion
Dead stare finish


Length: 13 min
Price: 11.99