(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


This year’s SKW Bikini Contest results are in and the winner is the lovely Sumiko!  Accepting the honor Sumiko arrives and disrobes, revealing a tiny silver thong bikini and black glove and sock set which she enthusiastically models for you. After she gloats the runner up, Anne Marie, is announce who arrives wearing a patriotic stars-and-stripes bikini under her red robe.  After thanking the fans, she receives heat from Sumiko and gets more and more irritated as Sumiko runs her down. Finally, she’s had enough and suddenly grabs Sumiko by the hair, throwing a hard fist deep into her belly over and over as Sumiko’s eyes bulge and her cheeks puff.  Adding knee lifts to the mix, Anne throws Sumiko into the wall, targeting her poor belly with a flurry of fists, hammer blows, hooks and haymakers, making Sumiko sink to the ground.  After a relentless series of hammer blows, Sumiko passes out, only to be woken for more belly punching as she sits splayed, only the wall keeping her upright as her eyes cross from shot after shot before finally fluttering shut as she passes out.

She’s woken only to be hauled up and flipped onto her back, as Anne dives onto her, pinning her shoulders with her thigh as she drives brutal hammer-shots into Sumiko’s exposed gold belly, battering it with a flurry of fists devastating to even watch.

Sumiko’s belly is destroyed as Anne punishes it with brutal fists, hammer shots as she’s propped up between legs, lying sprawled over her legs, standing held by the hair, pinned on the mat, propped against the wall absorbing knee lifts and fists, in a folding chair, completely devastating her belly until Sumiko is knocked out so many times she eventually begs and pleads.
Stay tuned for out-takes!

Belly Punching
Belly Hammer Blow
Running Knee Lifts
Schoolgirl Pin
Eye Crossing
Belly Devastation
Out Takes
Multiple Knockouts
Puffed Cheeks
Eye Rolling
Knee Socks
Stars and Stripes


Length: 26 min

Price: 19.99