We start with a pre-interview wth Addie…who’s been wanting to try her newly learned KO techniques on Helena. Problem is Helena wants no part in the demonstration…but as Addie slyly tells the camera, she plans to go through with it anyway! We fade in on Helena stretching on the mats as Addie, grinning with glee, sneaks up on her and slaps a powerful sleeper hold on the Russian beauty that sends expertly sends her to Dreamland! Addie continues her onslaught, putting Helena out with her iron claw KO, a powerful stunner, and a final boxing glove pummeling to Helena’s belly that culminates in a right hook to the jaw that shatters Helena’s jaw and consciousness. At this point Addie is extremely overconfident, wanting to wake up Helena for more. Helena seems groggy enough, so Addie kicks back with a smile as her victim slowly rises…a fist suddenly shooting out from her torso and smacking into Addie’s belly! Before Addie can react she’s trapped in Helena’s sleeper hold…and soon starts counting sheep as the formerly beaten Helena starts to exact her revenge! Addie suffers several moves and KOs, including a stunner, figure four neckscissors KO, camel cutch/temple drill KO, bearhug KO, belly claw, hangman KO, and a final boxing glove barrage that leaves her groggy enough for a massive X-FACTOR KO! A final pin and pose-over is all that’s left for Addie…who’s devious plan goes kaput with one of history’s biggest all-time backfires!

Length: 13 min, 49 sec

Price: $11.99