(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Lee Von Lux nervously paces around the mats as she’s excited for her session with the dominant Bianca Blance. Bianca makes her entrance and Lee gushes over her idol. The ladies take a moment to marvel at each other’s figures and Lee can’t help but indulge in light body worship. Bianca is ready to cater to Lee’s fantasies and starts her off with a sleeperhold.

The sleeperhold wears on Lee, taking the pair down to the mats and Lee languishes in a pleased stupor. Bianca guides Lee to please herself as Bianca puts the squeeze on her neck. Even after the KO, Bianca clenches tighter forcing Lee to jolt slightly awake and go back out. Bianca enjoys her ragdoll in the force of faceplay and kisses before laying her out. Lee comes to during the consciousness checks and a squeeze to the crotch sparks Lee awake. Bianca forces her arms over her head and dives in to kiss her submissive sweetheart. Bianca pursues with a compacting reverse figure-four headscissor that gets Lee stirring and throbbing. Bianca forces a wedgie with the headscissor applied and the overwhelming sensation sends Lee into unconsciousness.

Bianca then removes Lee’s bra, wrapping it around her neck for a steamy choke that incites a drool take from her prey. Bianca can’t help herself and gets a taste of Lee’s wet mouth before flipping her over. A hard spank gets Lee to awaken and a frontal sleeperhold is soon wrapped across Lee’s throat. For good measure, Bianca yanks at the underwear of the choked Lee, causing her to writhe in intense pleasure. A sharp clench on both ends takes Lee out as she fades with a soft coo and goes out in a derri “air” KO. Another hard spank brings Lee to her senses, then she’s trapped in Bianca’s iron claw submission. Bianca squeezes hard, causing Lee to sink backward and have her leg hooked. Bianca pulls her upward to expose the drool built up from the claw, then lets go for Lee to melt into unconsciousness. More faceplay and fondling precedes Bianca’s next move.

Bianca sits on top in a reverse schoolgirl and grips at Lee’s pussy to bring her back to life. A reverse facesit ravages Lee’s face as Bianca keeps her pressed to the mats. Bianca begins rubbing at Lee’s lady parts to stimulate her even further, then begins bouncing which eventually puts Lee down. Bianca’s fondling awakens Lee and she requests that they swap roles. Bianca shows reluctance at first, but her lust for Lee gets her to switch sides. Lee starts with a sleeperhold that brings the twosome for the mats. Bianca’s weathered breathing and jolting convulsions put her bending will on display as Lee takes her out. Following squeezes make sure Bianca’s lights are out, then Lee strips her of her top for groping and smooches.

Lee places Bianca against the wall for a myriad of hard belly punches that hurl Bianca onto her. Bianca gets off harder and harder with every blow to the midsection, then Lee takes her with a special finisher involving pinching her nose, locking lips, and blasting her right in the stomach to steal every bit of oxygen in her core. Bianca ends up in a derri “air” pose and Lee takes a moment  to enjoy her backside. Bianca’s bra is fully stripped, then Lee rolls her over to perform a headscissor with matchbook pin that excites Bianca to the point of masturbation. She fully gives into Lee’s control allowing herself to be Lee’s jobber as she’s choked toward a wet dream.

Bianca wakes in a daze and Lee continues to lay into her icon with a rib-cracking bearhug. Lee also employs a wedgie to give Bianca her own medicine causing her to reel in lethargy before being laid across Lee’s knee for a backbreaker. Lee palms at the throat and pulls at the groin of the arched Bianca, reciprocating the same feel she dealt earlier. Bianca completely gasses out, falling to the mats and laid out for Lee’s next maneuver. A reverse facesit is performed on Bianca and Lee guides her to play with herself during the submission and both girls manage to get their rocks off as their naughty bits are razed in the exerting exchange. Lee collapses onto Bianca’s thigh as they both take a bit to recover and Lee makes the deal sweeter for one final knockout.

A tombstone piledriver craters Lee into the mats and Bianca takes her sweet team getting on top of her. A 10-count grape grind pin from Bianca obliterates Lee’s ribs as Bianca humps the life out of her, hands and wrists restrained. The sharp thrusts leave Lee absolutely battered in the most delightful fashion as she passes out with sensual moans and Bianca’s primal love. Bianca poses over her prey as their session reaches a close and Lee is left sprawled out with an appreciative smile as she visibly inhales & exhales.

Seated sleeperhold w/ masturbation KO
Reverse figure four headscissor w/ masturbation KO
Brap stripping
Bra choke KO
Wedgie snap
Frontal sleeperhold w/ wedgie KO
Iron claw KO
Reverse facesitting w/ masturbation KOs
Seated sleeperhold KO
Belly punching
Belly punch w/ nose pinch & kissing KO
Headcissor w/ leg lock & masturbation KO
Frontal bearhug KO
Backbreaker w/ chokehold & wedgie KO
Tombstone piledriver KO
10-count grape grind KO
Foot-to-groin victory pose
Lee left KO’d w/ deep breathing
Tongue protrusion
Body worship
Mat grinding
Derri “air” KO pose
Face play
French kissing
Limp play
Eye checks
Sensual talk
Instant replays


Length: 34 min
Price: 33.99