(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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SK greets us with a formal welcoming and heads up as to what we can look forward to at SKW all the while Bianca Blance eyes SK from the back with the most cunning intentions. Bianca slowly strolls and interrupts his spiel and jerks him into her clutches before delivering an erotic face lick. Bianca’s dead set on forcing SK into her slave collection as she fingers his mouth and sensually rubs all over him. He makes an attempt to leave but it’s cut short with an applied sleeperhold that goes down to the mats. She gets him between her legs and presses more tightly, making it known that she won’t be refused. SK goes out in the submission and Bianca teases with a headscissor, then mounts him for a face lick and tit slapping.

The sensuality is dialed to 10 as Bianca positions into a reverse headscissor as she exposes her inner animal. She wiggles side to side and humps with the submission applied, displaying her complete control. SK goes senseless for a bit and Bianca proceeds with her verbal teasing. She gets ahead of herself as cockiness opens her up to a low blow, then she’s forced into a sleeperhold. Bianca enters the splits and she’s gradually choked, stirring around frantically as she attempts to resist. She gives in, going limp and convulsing as her eyes roll back. A belly claw jars Bianca from fatigue and SK transitions back to a sleeperhold. Bianca fights all she can, but her limbs fall and she concedes. SK decides it’s time to flip the script and make Bianca his slave instead.

Another belly claw into a sleeperhold combo awakens Bianca and puts her back into a world of hurt. She gyrates violently as she desperately attempts to escape, but air seeping through her fluttering lips results in another knockout. SK snaps her out of sleep with a pressure point press to her neck that forces her into wild convulsions that result in a huge spit take knockout as she goes nuts. Bianca seemingly goes out but successive thrusts get her to spasm a few times ensuring she’s truly out. SK then locks one leg and hooks the other for a 10-count double leg hook pin. He tops it off with a rudely awakening crotch claw that rattles her awake and SK locks in an iron claw making her shake in a frenzy and enter a lethargic state for SK’s hypnosis. She convulses into a KO and SK sends her off with a 10-count matchbook pin w/ spanking.

A belly stomp gets Bianca to come to and she’s brought to the wall via hair pulling. SK tears into her shapely abs with belly punching, which triggers her deeper desires of painful pleasure. She demands harder blows as she moans with a primal lust for more. Power punches blast Bianca’s midriff as she pumps her midsection inward and outward. A final punch sends her lurching over his shoulder and she’s scooped for an OTS carry before being dumped to the mats. A 10-count two-handed press pen to Bianca’s face and crotch ensure the KO and he brings her back with rapid taps to her core. A frontal sleeperhold brings Bianca from her knees down to the mats where her ass pops into the air and her hips thrust the mats. Her quads and ass jiggle when she slaps the mats, then a final squeeze pops her rear into the air for a derri “air” KO pose.

Bianca’s flipped over and woke up for a series of ab-crushing belly splashes that takes her out into soft twitches. SK returns the facelick to the comatose domme and executes a 10-count double leg hook matchbook pin. He then forces her into self-stroking that stimulates her awake, then delivers throat-crushing seated leg drops. Bianca kicks high into the air and convulses from successive leg smashes till her lights go dim. She’s slightly lifted by the hair and paraded around and SK rouses her up with a belly stomp. He hoists her into a lifting bearhug, squeezing at her center, spanking, and forcing a wedgie as she jiggles in his grasp. She’s set to a stand as the hold continues and she moans with every tightening of the cinch. As she reaches the edge of consciousness, twitching with every squeeze till she’s dropped into a helpless heap on the mats.

In dominant heel fashion, SK flips Bianca over into a derri “air” pose and rips into her ass with bullying wedgies. Bianca shakes intensely as the lingerie rides up her lady parts and the overwhelming pain knocks her out. SK proceeds with a leg locking headscissor where two stir furiously as Bianca endures the submission. He then adds a crotch claw to the mix and cranks up the headscissor taking her out with a completely debilitating submission hold. He messages her awake and Bianca submits in a salacious tone. She obeys toward being his slave before being yanked up by the hair. She’s flipped upside down and planted into the mats with a tombstone leaving her spread eagle and limp. SK then concludes in dominant fashion with a 10-count leg-locking, belly-punching matchbook pin that puts her down for good. As a parting gift he leaves Bianca utterly out of it in a derri “air” KO pose in anticipation of Faith’s offerings.

Bianca Delivers:
Grounded sleeperhold KO
Face lick
Light breast smother?
Reverse headscissor KO
Limb checks
Derri “air” KO poses

SK Delivers:
Low blow
Sleeperhold KOs
Belly claw
Pressure point press w/ spit take KO
Double leg hook 10-count pins
Crotch claw
Iron claw KO
10-count matchbook pin w/ spanking
Belly  punching KO
Over-the-shoulder carry
10-count face & groin press pin
Grounded frontal sleeperhold KO
Belly splashes KO
Face lick
10-count double leg hook matchbook pin.
Groping wake-up
Seated leg drops KO
Lifting bearhug KO
Derri “air” wedgie KO
Leg hooking headscissor w/ crotch claw KO
Tombstone piledriver KO
10-count leg hooking matchbook pin w/ belly punching
Eye checks
Limb checks


Length: 28 min
Price: 27.99