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Alisa Kiss is wearing a bikini, shades and a look of epic boredom as she informs SK that there’s nobody exciting on her radar to fight. Alisa has her mitts on Sapphire’s champion belt and intends to make it her own. She puts a $1000 challenge out for the championship, with SK making it official.

Off camera we hear somebody speak up: the beautiful Jacquelyn Velvets, who’s pretty much sick and tired of these egotistical models running the show in HER house. Wearing a robe yet still stunning, Jacquelyn moves to accept Alisa’s match challenge.

The match is set to be a best out of 5 pins match, however, Alisa enlists a 4 point handicap on herself. Jacquelyn, looking like the cat who got the cream, smiles and accepts. She may have been born at night, but not last night.

Jacquelyn strips out of her robe to reveal a bikini and the two lock up. Velvets is in the lead at first, delivering belly punches and knees to Alisa against the wall. Having the upper hand is short lived for her, though. When she goes for a pin after a stunner and pile driver, she’s attacked from behind by none other than Jessie Belle!

From here on out, the jig is up. Alisa and Jessie are in cahoots and there’s no WAY they’re letting Jacquelyn win. Poor Ms. Velvets is the jobber to meet all jobber’s in this beat down, selling every hold like so few can.

Jessie Belle and Alisa work together with the former offering instruction and direction on what and how to apply. Alisa takes her advice, seeing Jessie’s physical examples and mirroring them oftentimes. By the end of the bout, however, it’s clear that Jessie is getting fed up with Alisa’s oversized ego.

When Alisa obtains a dragon sleeper KO, Jacquelyn is truly put out cold. Jessie encourages Alisa to go for the final pin and the braggart blonde concedes. Once the victory pose is completed and Alisa is announced the champ, Jessie  asks for her fair share of the money. She bends down to whisper her apologies to Jacquelyn as Alisa sneaks back up and low blow punches the hell out of her. Alisa has zero intentions of giving Jessie Belle any money or notoriety, so with a belt smash to the face, she handles the problem.

ALTERNATE ENDING: Jessie Belle issues the attack and Alisa is knocked out cold.


belly punches
knees to the belly
pile driver
camel clutch
sleeper hold
boston crab
figure four head scissors
lifted bearhug
dragon sleeper
low blow punch
belt strike to face
10 count pin
victory pose


Length: 19 min

Price: 16.99