We fade in on Heather West and Jacquelyn Velvets discussing past matches (and their favorite moves) while lounging in Velvets’ bedroom.  The two decide to have a friendly match and adjourn to the mat room, where Heather dares Jacquelyn to take her down with some belly blows.  Velvets obliges her, slamming her into the wall and nailing punch after punch.  Jacquelyn nails a running splash, knocking Heather out and leaving her into a lovely “derriere in the air” position.  Jacquelyn continues the belly work over with some sit down drops on Heather’s belly, as well as some belly to belly splashes that wind the stunned blonde.  Jacquelyn finisher her off with an extended standing bearhug that ends up on the mats…only to go for the 10 count pin and victory pose.

Round two starts with Heather congratulating Jacquelyn…and Miss Velvets confessing that she has a “serious glass jaw”.  Heather takes advantage of that knowledge and sends a huge jab into Jacquelyn’s face, turning her into a dazed eye-rolling mess as she continues to deliver punches!   She sends Miss Velvets to her knees and attacks with brutal kicks to her jaw, moving on to ground jaw punches, hair pulling, and a brutal X-Factor KO.  She traps Jacquelyn in a front-facing neck scissors and proceeds to nail punch after punch into Jacquelyn’s face until the beautiful blonde fighter finally passes out!  She goes for the 10 count pin and a successful victory pose!

The third round becomes a Sudden Death match, with the ladies locking up for a test of strength, followed by Jackie nailing an X-Factor, and an effective sleeper hold KO.  Jacquelyn kicks Heather over and goes for a pin, but decides to continue the onslaught with her bag of tricks!   She leaves to retrieve it and we see Heather come to…

Moments later we see Jacquelyn perusing her goodies…and heather approaching with a blackjack in hand.  She knocks Jacquelyn out with a single blow and over the shoulder carries her out of the room.  We fade in on Heather bring Velvets into the bedroom and dropping her on the bed, where she begins her final barrage of KOs!  She takes Jacquelyn down and out via blackjack strike, loaded pillow strike to the face, and a final neckscissors KO!   We fade out as a happy Heather decides to nap, using Jacquelyn’s head as a foot stool!



Length: 20 min

Price: 16.99