We fade in as Merry Meow awaits Madison’s entry into her bedroom.  Turns out the girls both have a HUGE thing for pro wrestling…but everyone they met online was actually a male pretending to be female…until they finally made a connection in an online chatroom!  Now they’re in the same room, dressed in killer pro gear, and ready to make their fantasies come to life.

The girls decide to have a fun opening mini-match.  They lock up and Madison decimates Merry with elbow strikes to the face, an uppercut, and a beautiful reverse neckscissors that turns into a reverse figure four for the KO.  Madison goes for the leghook pin and nails the win.  Merry comes to instantly and is ecstatic about the match, so they go for round two.

The girls lock up, Merry traps Madison in a sleeper hold and KOs her.  She adds insult to injury with multiple belly splashes and post KO splashes.  Merry wakes Madison up and locks her into a face first neckscissors KO.  She goes for a matchbook pin and gets the win.

The girls get up, giggling, but Madison decides to change the rules a bit.  She suggests a free for all, with both ladies staying in character the WHOLE time until a definite winner emerges.  Merry happily agrees…and this secret bedroom match begins.    W`


The girls lock up but Merry takes control with a reverse headlock and three DDTs onto the bed!  Madison is dazed and takes several belly blows against the wall, but she rakes Merry’s eyes and takes control.  Madison nails some belly attacks and knocks Merry out with a reverse choke hold on the bed!  She drags Merry off the mattress but the redhead nails a low blow that turns the tide.  Merry nails a brutal chokeslam onto the bed and goes on the offensive, delivering some brutal headbutts to the crotch and following up with a bulldog onto the bed, THREE amazing X-Factors for a KO, and a matchbook pin that Madison barely kicks out of!  Merry goes for a bearhug but Madison lands some huge axe handle blows that weaken the redhead.   She traps Merry in a perfect triangle choke, knocking her out cold.  Madison is in control, going for a single boot on belly pin…but Merry barely makes the kickout. Madison goes for a brutal torture rack that causes a pain blackout KO for Merry.  She tosses her onto the bed and goes for a finishing splash but Merry raises her knees!  Madison lands and groans in pain as Merry gets her second wind.  She traps Madison in a stunner but Madison grips her neck…leading to a double stunner KO and a lovely derri “air” KO pose.  The girls slowly come to and Merry takes control.  She wears Madison down with elbow strikes to the face.  Madison is exhausted.  Merry grabs a nearby foreign object and slams it into her skull three times.  Madison begs Merry to finish her off, which Merry does with a BRUTAL uppercut with the foreign object.  Madison goes flying and is OUT COLD before she hits the bed.  Merry goes for her final matchbook pin (10 count) and gets the win!!!

Moments later the girls break character and hug…both ecstatic and looking forward to lunch…and a second match when they come back!


Length: 23 min

Price: 18.99