(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


Lessons learned are lessons earned… The gorgeous Monroe sets herself up to learn a very painful lesson indeed as her preconceived notions on the reality of wrestling leaves her vulnerable to ignorance. She invites the beautiful Laynie Luck to join her in the bedroom and asks her to show her some of those spectacular wrestling moves she’s loved since she was a kid. Laynie grins and tries to push Monroe off of her idea that it would be “fun” to have wrestling moves done to her, but stubbornness wins out as Monroe claims she always thought wrestling was fake… FAKE?!?! Laynie has no problem showing Monroe how fake wrestling really is.

Laynie, obviously annoyed by Monroe’s ignorance, starts out by sending forearm strikes to the young wrestler’s chin and neck, sending her sprawling backwards onto her bed each time. She picks up Monroe and sends her quickly to dreamland with a powerful uppercut. Laynie slowly makes her way to the other side of Monroe and pulls her up by her hair. Monroe is still dazed from the punch but doesn’t get too much time before she feels an arm wrap around her throat like an anaconda and squeeze mercilessly. Monroe’s eyes open wide as her tongue sticks out as the pressure in her head becomes too much to bear. She tries to speak but only let out gasps and choking noises as eventually her eyes beautifully roll back and she passes out. Laynie luck pulls both of her unconscious opponent’s legs onto the bed and pins her. She begins the count but sarcastically throws Monroe’s shoulder up, pretending she kicked out in order to continue her assault. And continue she does.

Laynie wakes Monroe up with a devastating belly punch, scraping her off the bed and throwing her against the wall. Monroe, nothing more than a punching bag at the moment, can do nothing to stop the repeated belly punches that continue to knock the air from her lungs. Laynie trips Monroe to the ground and turns her over to get her in perfect position for a figure four leg lock. Monroe screams in agony as Laynie’s watches happily as she observes lesson learning in real time. Eventually Monroe passes out from the pain, but the lesson keeps going.

Laynie locks on a chin lock that nearly breaks Monroe’s back, but after only a few beautiful seconds of struggle returns Monroe to the unconscious state her opponents seems to have perfected. Laynie stomps Monroe’s back before pulling her from the ground and propping her up and getting her ready for a thundering heart punch. Laynie sends the first one firing into her opponent’s chest, nearly knocking her out, but doesn’t seem satisfied, so she pulls Monroe up and sends another. Monroe falls back and starts convulsing.

Laynie’s “teaching style” isn’t short on lessons as Monroe suffers through a knee strike to the face, a bear hug, a belly claw, a rock bottom, elbow drops, a chokeslam, belly splashes, a skull crush and a series of DDTs all designed to put her into and pull her out of unconsciousness. Laynie’s assault borders on the ridiculous as she tortures the unfortunate Monroe with power bombs, more belly punches, a foot chokeout, an over the shoulder carry, a skillet strike to the head, and an outside (concrete) tombstone piledriver that leaves Monroe twitching and out for the count. Hopefully this lesson sticks… if it doesn’t, nothing will.


Length: 27 min

Price: 24.99