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Jenn D wants to work for SKW and to support this wish she wants to make an audition tape for SK himself. As she’s happily explaining her idea, Keri is sneaking up behind her, mocking her. Jenn is still talking when Keri attacks with a sleeper hold. The tall blonde laughs, telling Jenn that this is now the audition tape she’ll be doing. With her beating Jenn’s ass.

True to her word, Keri delivers a beating to Jenn. Jenn is out on her feet for most of the beat down, as Keri continuously KO’s her.

Keri wraps the beating up with a figure four head scissors and a matchbook pin. She stands up, victory poses, and leaves.

We fade in to a few days later with Keri gloating over her easy win. She’s teasing and making fun of Jenn to the camera, not realizing she’s about to fall victim to her own tricks.

Jenn gets even when she comes up from behind Keri and applies a sleeper. Jenn states that this audition tape will be much more to her liking! Jenn not only remembers what Keri did to her, but she is able to use it against her in the second half of this clip.

Jenn ends things with the audition tape that she was aiming for the whole time: her delivering a beat down.


belly punching
belly splash
matchbook pin
school girl pin
face punches
ground and pound
head scissors
figure four head scissors
rope choke
mounted matchbook
belly stomps
reverse figure four head scissors
mounted figure four head scissors
reverse head scissors
temple drive
victory poses


Length: 33 min

Price: 21.99