(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Luna and SK are hugged in the mat room discussing their previous match where Luna was in complete control of the twosome. Luna decides she wants to be on the receiving end and the pair take time to admire her skimpy one piece before the sensual slumbering ensues. A slowly applied sleeperhold is locked across her throat and the euphoria instantly sets in. Luna coos as the duo sinks to the mats and submission is applied more deeply. Luna’s tongue begins to slip out and SK’s sweet nothings guide Luna to begin grazing her lady parts. She struggles to keep it together as the stranglehold assists her edging. SK gradually puts her to sleep, indicating her unconsciousness by the sharp twitches she produces as it’s night night.

Following a limb check, more cranking squeezes revive Luna. Her eyes flicker and roll around as she’s depleted in her happy place. Her enfeebled squirming is accompanied by satiated moans, then SK restores my consciousness with guided self-stimulation to her clit. They reset their positioning and SK crams on her neck once again. Luna is stuck in the limbo of painful, yet pleasing tingles as her air is sapped. Her weak struggles go limp as the sleeperhold takes her out and she’s deemed “out” via limb checks. SK cranks on her neck to jerk her in and out of sentience, eventually causing her to drool. He checks his handiwork with eye check then hooks her leg for a 10-count pin, teasing her cat with each digit.

Sensual touches get Luna to come to in relaxed glee and the pair rise to a stand. SK aims for the neck as he clamps down with a nerve pinch that instantly takes Luna out. He scoops her over the shoulder where the limp damsel hangs and he parades her around for a bit. Luna’s then set against the wall and manages to find her wit. From their bag of tricks, SK gets ahold of a sedative in a syringe and jams it into Luna’s neck causing her to slide down the wall in senselessness. Luna gets a second dose and can barely hold on as the concoction courses through her body. After more limp play, SK stimulates her awake with more sensual rubbing, then applies a sleeperhold from the side. Luna squeezes at her box as the chokehold works its magic and she goes out in his clutches.

SK awakens her with more tingling touches and the two go back to the center of the mats where a frontal sleeperhold is locked onto Luna.The headlock takes Luna down to the mats with her ass kissing the skies, but it doesn’t last long as Luna’s quads give way till she’s prone. The squishing of her neck make’s Luna writhe around in pleasure, then a tight cinch shoots her rear into the air before she goes limp. SK leaves her in a derri “air” pose for an incredible view as he procures the dreaded chopstick from the bag. He grazes her pussy with the deadly instrument exciting for their next maneuver and she’s rolled onto her back. SK sits her in his lap and presses it deep into the side of her neck sending her into a debilitated state of eye rolling and drooling. He digs the point spike into her temple, making her produce enervated twitches preceding the knockout.

SK gets hold of a zip tie and laces it around Luna’s neck, squeezing her into a semi-conscious state. Luna’s eyes roll back and she tries to hold on, but she goes out with haste. With Luna still in his lap, SK preps a chloroform rag after groping her back to life. Their game gets more steamy as the rag is pressed to Luna’s face as she masturbates. The intense 2-way edging drives Luna absolutely nuts as she convulses near climax. SK times the knockout perfectly as Luna hits the big O right as she’s sedated. SK puts the cherry on top with a 10-count leg locking matchbook pin with every count serving a punch to the belly. As a parting gift, SK frees Luna from the top of her one-piece and binds her hands together. He tops things off with a chloroform rag as she leaves the scene to get a head start on the evening’s supper.

Prolonged seated sleeperhold KOs
10-count single leg hook pin
Nerve pinch KO
Over-the-shoulder carry
Syringe to neck KOs
Side sleeperhold w/ masturbation KO
Frontal sleeperhold KO
Chopstick pressure point KOs
Garrote wire choke KO
Chloroform rag smother w/ masturbation KO
10-count leg locking matchbook pin w/ belly punching
Bathing suit strip w/ hands bound
Derri “air” KO pose
Tongue protrusion
Eye rolling
Instant replay
Fondling / groping
Limb checks


Length: 26 min
Price: 24.99