(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Sushii Xhyvette and SK meet in the mat room for a steamy and salacious rendezvous. Xhyvette reveals her desire to be knocked out over and over by the legendary heel. They quickly brush over the details including spread eagle knockouts, weapons, and more before SK eases her into the session by explaining the effects of the sleeperhold. He clamps on and instantly Xhyvette’s eyes roll back as she produces struggling whimpers.

Xhyvette finds herself elated to be in her predicament despite the pain and SK squeezes tighter, forcing wind through her puffed cheeks. A third squeeze arches her backwards as her arms droop and eyes shut. He hoists her over the shoulder, flicking her limp legs and dangling her lifeless figure. He sprawls her on the mats and for extra limp play then awakens her with tingling touches all over. Xhyvette expresses her joy and they get back to it with a second sleeperhold. Xhyvette kicks around hysterically and her tongue begins to hang. SK eases up to prepare her for the next squeeze, then goes in for the kill with a suffocating submission that cues the KO via fluttering eyelids. Xhyvette doesn’t respond to any limb checks and SK revives her. It’s right back to dreamland as SK reapplies the sleeper causing Xhyvette to flail and softly tap before she goes out. She suffers a third sleeperhold knockout as well and SK dominates with a 10-count single leg hook pin as she makes vanquished convulsions.

Some belly taps bring Xhyvette back to the world of the living and SK’s offense keeps up with a set of oxygen-depleting belly splashes. Xhyvette’s limbs shoot into the sky as the air is driven from her core. She grows dizzier from the numerous splashes till her eyes roll back and tongue peeks out. A second 10-count single leg hook pin is scored against a twitchy Xhyvette, then SK digs in the bag to sweeten the deal. Xhyvette comes to and bravely declines the use of a safe word. SK gets hold of chloroform spray, then gives her a jet stream of it. Xhyvette stumbles around in a pleasing stupor as her senses go numb, eager for SK to finish the job and leaves her limp in his arms from a lift and carry at the result of a second mist. She’s paraded around the mats then SK lays her down. A third mist really puts her in lala land as she mindlessly stares into the distance. A final spray of the substance leaves her sprawled out and ripe for a folding 10-count matchbook pin. Xhyvette comes to in the middle of the pin but an extra dose of the spray handily puts her down for the count.

SK retrieves the seemingly harmless chopstick and presses it to her temple causing her eyes to roll around as her tongue protrudes. Her body twitches from the powerful sensation, then SK digs deeper, sending her into light convulsions before passing out. A triple tap with the chopstick to the side of the ribs pushes the air from her diaphragm leaving her stretched for the next knockout. SK acquires a garrote wire then folds Xhyvette into a leg locking matchbook pin that stirs her awake. Xhyvette’s excitement grows at the sight of the wire and SK fastens it around her throat. She lies helpless and choking from the creative submission, gasping for air as her tongue dangles. The overwhelming feeling of domination gets Xhyvette wet and SK performs a 10-count pin from the compromising position. Foot tickling brings Xhyvette back from her nap and SK gets the classic chloroform substance and rag from the bag.

The pair assist each other in getting the rag prepared then setup roleplay for even more fun. Xhyvette plays the bored knife-wielding sentry and SK is the espionage specialist. He clasps the doused rag to her face and Xhyvette doesn’t get a chance to fight back as she’s worn thin. They go down to the mats and SK feels up her twitching body. The rag is clasped even more snugly causing Xhyvette to produce an even weaker resistance and SK lets up to continue edging her. The cloth is reapplied to her face making her go spread eagle and comatose from the smother. A tingling massage stirs Xhyvette awake and they move onto wrestling moves. SK gets her squeezed tight in a frontal sleeperhold bringing her from her knees to her stomach. Xhyvette loses herself in the submission, sensually humping the mats as the asphyxia turns her on. She slowly goes to sleep as SK applies the perfect amount of pressure to ease her to sleep. He then flips her over and scores a 10-count single leg hook pin as she lies twitching.

Tickles to the ribs rouse Xhyvette awake and they proceed to the last and arguably most impactful maneuver. SK clamps and flips Xhyvette upside down causing her to squeal in excitement. A teasing spin and feinted drops get Xhyvette on edge, then she’s thrust into the mats with a tombstone piledriver for the KO. SK spreads her legs and places her arms across her chest for a classic undertaker-styled pin. Xhyvette softly twitches during the tyrannous pin and is left sprawled out. SK gets the chloroform rag and presses it on her face once more for a goodnight’s sleep. With Xhyvette completely out of it, SK strolls off to prepare dinner for the two after a spicy and exerting session of knockouts.

Prolonged sleeperhold KOs
Over-the-shoulder carry
10-count single leg hook pins
Belly splashes KO
Chloroform spray KOs
Lift and carry
10-count matchbook pin w/ chloroform spray
Pressure point presses w/ chopstick KOs
Leg locking matchbook w/ garrote choke KO
Chloroform rag smother KOs
Nerve squeeze?
Frontal sleeperhold KO
Tombstone piledriver KO
10-count undertaker pin
Mat grinding
Light sole tickle
Panty wetting
Eye rolling
Instant replay
Tongue protrusion
Limp play
Limb checks


Length: 26 min
Price: 24.99