(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Irene has a chip on her shoulder as she rants about the dastardly Machine and his dirty tactics. She preemptively claims victory for the match as she’s sick of waiting for him, but her celebration is cut short as a sleeperhold is locked onto her from behind. Irene jerks with weathered breathing as she fights against the submission. Her long legs kicking outward for some sort of leverage to break free. The Machine edges by relieving the hold for a breather and reapplying it to choke her into a KO. Irene is lowered deeper into his grasp, then awakened with a belly punch to end up trapped an even deadlier sleeperhold. The leggy jobber squirms in discomfort till she’s sprawled and juddering from the pressure on her trachea. The Machine finally releases the hold and successfully checks the limbs before scoring a 10-count single leg hook pin on the twitching jobber. Irene kicks at the end of the count, but she may have made things even worse for herself.

A pull of the hair brings Irene to a stand and winds her up in the arms of the Machine for a rib-squishing bearhug. Irene’s little match for the hold as it saps her strength by the cinch then she’s spanked before being forced into the wall. Shots to the stomach get Irene reeling further before a hammerfist to the head drops to a sitting position. The machine lays her out into a spread eagle position before wrapping a hand around her throat and clutching deeply to send her eyes rolling as she passes out. Irene doesn’t budge against the coming limb checks and catches a big fist to the stomach to startle her awake. The Machine’s iron claw digs into her skull causing her to thrash in agony with her legs wildly kicking. The head squeeze sends her into a twitching KO and is reapplied to send Irene into more jerking convulsions.

Another deep sleeper is locked in as Irene lies spent and she has no choice but to take the submission. A second 10-count leg hook pin is counted against the twitching Irene and she finally gets a break from the Machine’s torture. A belly splash rocks Irene from her slumber, then she’s trapped in the Machine’s frontal guillotine choke. Irene flutters as the chokehold takes her down to the mats where compacting squeezes against her trachea get her pleasingly gyrating as she faints from the asphyxiation. Irene’s flipped into another spread eagle pose, remaining limp to limb checks and receives another wicked sleeperhold for her efforts. She croaks out from the hold, but the Machine doesn’t let up as he lays her down before cinching another one in to get Irene submissively twitching in defeat.

The drool indicates that Irene is nearly done for and the Machine performs another 10-count single leg hook pin. A high-angle boston crab contorts Irene in painful fashion, then the Machine transitions to a camel clutch. Irene is then brought to the wall for more belly strikes before collapsing. She isn’t able to escape the Machine’s grip as he positions her against the wall for another oxygen-cutting single-hand choke that sends her into unconscious convulsions. Following belly punch to choke out combinations are laid onto Irene and she leans against the wall with nothing left to give. A belly claw from the rear jars Irene from her rest and she suffers more squeezing sleeperhold KOs while continuing to drool.

At this point Irene has completely made a mess on herself at the Machine’s discretion and despite that he proceeds choking and playing with her spittle. Irene lightly spasms with her leg hooked in the Machine’s pinfall and he proceeds to punish her despite her inability to continue. A frontal headlock traps Irene for a series of knees to the gut and she’s tossed by the wayside. The machine curls her into a matchbook pin, forcing her to smother herself out as she isn’t able to escape his hold. With the position held, he gets a 10-count fall with insulting spanks to spice it up and unfolds her to a spread eagle pose. Incoming sleeperholds get Irene squirming languidly with no way to defend herself till she lies quivering. The Machine then gets his final 10-count leg hook pin before leaving Irene to contemplate her earlier remarks in a deep sleep.

Abundant seated sleeperhold KOs
10-count single leg hook pins
Assorted belly strikes
Single-hand choke KOs
Iron claw KO
Belly splash
Guillotine choke KO
High-angle boston crab
Camel clutch
Belly claw
Knees to belly
Forced matchbook KO
10-count matchbook pin
Limb checks
Spread eagle KO poses
Eye rolling
Tongue protrusion


Length: 24 min
Price: 23.99