(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)


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Macy Nikole stands confidently, arms crossed and with a confident smirk next to one of SKW’s most notorious heels to terrorize the mats, the Machine. Faith introduces us to each combatant and states the terms of the match. No holds barred, allowing many grueling things to fly and the two face off as she initiates the countdown.

Macy and the Machine lock arms, circling the mats as they tussle for the one up. Macy rams a knee to the machine’s stomach that doubles him over and gets off a low blow from behind. The machine crumples from the foul play and Macy berates him while he’s down. She mounts him with a schoolgirl pin, emitting a devilish laugh. She transitions to a reverse headscissor combined with a groin claw. She squeezes and twists the heel as she maintains her cocky stance. The Machine then suffers a seated sleeperhold that damn near puts him out, but Macy releases. She shows the heel a thing or two about villainy with multiple groin stomps. She puts her thunder thighs to use again with a headscissor that the machine can’t break from. The dominance continues with a reverse facesit that seals his airways and nearly puts him down. She goes to lift the Machine for more and he counters with a low blow that turns the tide for the remainder of the match.

Macy is brought to the wall and eats a number of belly blows, then is shoved to the mats. An enraged Machine aims for her legs as he applies a leg spreader using his whole body to stretch her in anguish. He pads on to the submission with a groin claws and punches that makes Macy shriek in torment. The Machine lets up and repositions behind to apply a reverse grapevine & full nelson combo. Macy finds herself on the end of a leg-hooking sleeperhold that puts her away, granting her a brief rest. The Machine stays on target as he locks another reverse grapevine with crotch claw and a half nelson. Macy furiously taps, but her agreement to the match stipulation comes back to bite her. She suffers hair pulling and a belly claw, belly punches, and chokes while her legs are locked then the Machine finally lets go. Unfortunately he’s not even close to finished.

Macy is left curled up from the barbaric mishmash of submissions and the Machine pursues with a frontal sleeperhold with wedgie submission. Macy’s released and doubled over as the pain is too overwhelming. The Machine lays her on her stomach and takes a seat to snap her backwards with a boston crab. He switches between a boston crabs and a stretch muffler before going back to a more forceful rear leg spreader. He gets creative with an octopus stretch then finally breaks the hold. Macy withstands a leg-locking matchbook pin that folds her inward while taking various moves like belly claw, groin claw, and headscissor that leave her zonked. The Machine goes for a pin, but he’s not quite done yet and admires the faint babe before his next series of special moves.A leg spreader emits groans from a weakened Macy and she taps for leniency. Instead of easing up the Machine applies an even stronger submission with a backrolling leg spreader in tandem with belly punches, chokes, groin claws, and breast claws that knock her out. The Machine leaves her face down and ass up, giving a pan of the vanquished beauty before swapping her attire.

Macy slumps against the wall in her red two-piece bikini and gear as the machine prepares to pulverize her some more. A leg hooking leg spreader jars her awake. As the hold persists he applies thigh, groin, belly, and throat claws that tenderize her further. A bearhug and wedgie combination wreak havoc on Macy’s midsection and they fall to the mats, giving the Machine even more leverage. The Machine keeps the bullying up with a piledriver setup and yanking wedgies. A small package piledriver plants Macy into the mats and he crunches her inward to invoke more pain. An octopus stretch with leg spreader submission makes macy desperately tap as she hurts all over. Next she’s to endure a half boston crab with leg spreaders and groin claws. He stands her up and bends her in half with an abdominal stretch with elbows to the hip. Macy is left whimpering on the mats as she’s subdued, but the Machine is committed to making her pay.

Macy endures another reverse grapevine that goes into a seated sleeperhold. She goes night night and remains unresponsive to limb checks. A frontal wedgie rudely stirs her from her temporary peace and the Machine stands her up. He locks in a frontal headlock and a wedgie before tripping her, then ensures with more leg spreader combinations. A grounded bearhug saps Macy’s energy as she lies sprawled and she endures another KO. The Machine tops her off with a leg spreader plus sleeperhold that puts her down for the count and then executes a 10-count leg locking matchbook pin. As he’s done teaching her a lesson, heaves her spread eagle and splayed, serving as a perfect example for those who dare attempt to challenge his reign.


Macy executes:
Low blow
Schoolgirl pin
Reverse headscissor w/ groin claw
Seated sleeperhold
Groin stomps
Reverse facesitting
Trash talk
Instant replay
Derri “air” KO pose

The Machine executes:
Low blow
Belly punching
Groin claws
Belly claws
Assorted leg spreaders
Leg spreaders w/ groin claws
Reverse grapevine w/ full nelson
Sleeperhold w/ leg hook KO
Grapevine w/ half nelson & crotch claws
Headlock w/ wedgie
Stretch muffler w/ groin claw
Boston crab
Leg locked matchbook pins w/ claws KO
Bearhug w/ wedgies
Small package piledriver KO
Half boston crab w/ groin claw
Abdominal stretches
Seated sleeperhold KOs
Grounded bearhug KO
Trash talk

Length: 41 min
Price: 38.99