(All SKW material is intended to be viewed as staged combat demonstrations as scripted by custom buyers. We at SKW do not condone violence of any sort, and have gone out of our way to make this material as light and campy as possible. No models or fighters were harmed during the making of this film)



We open on Liv, hogtied and cleave gagged, struggling on the ground in a cheeky thong one-piece with black gloves and boots, whimpering as she tries to free herself.  Enter Bat-Tracy, drawn to the sounds of Liv’s straining and struggles.  Immediately she swoops over to help, fingers flying as she unties the knots, reassuring Liv in her own inimitable style.  Once free, Bat Tracy leads Liv to escape, but all is not what it seems!  Suddenly Liv pulls out a cloth and smother’s Bat-Tracy’s mouth, pulling the shocked crime fighter back against her as she struggles. Bat Tracy’s eyes roll and bulge wildly as she tries to escape, but the drugs are overpowering.  Slowly she fades out, sinking to the ground as her eyes flutter closed, until she goes limp and still.  Liv has plans, however, and brings Bat Tracy back around, only to sit her up and slap her into a Sleeper Hold.  Bat Tracy claws at her arms, struggling and gasping, gritting her teeth as her eyes bulge, but Liv won’t let up, informing Bat Tracy that not only is this a trap, but that the whole room is wired with cameras to capture every moment! Bat Tracy struggles wildly, but the pressure is overpowering, as her eyes cross and widen, slack mouthed until she finally passes out.  Liv once again yanks her back into consciousness, only to throw her against a wall, punishing her belly with running Knee Lifts and Belly Punches, as Bat Tracy can only stand and absorb the blows.  Pulled into the middle of the room, Liv treats her to a series of devastating Face Punches, dropping her to the ground with a wild Uppercut before knocking her out with a brutal Right Cross, leaving Bat Tracy splayed on the floor.
A quick belly stomp wakens Bat Tracy quickly, as Liv then climbs over her, wrapping her neck between her thighs, squeezing the helpless heroine in a vice-like Inverted Neck Scissors.  Bat Tracy thrashes and struggles, her mouth wide, eyes rolling as she gasps between Liv’s pert cheeks.  Bat Tracy’s bulging eyes begin to flutter as her spasms slow, the lights going dimmer as she fades out once again. Liv enjoys a little Limp Play before Bat Tracy begins to show signs of life, getting woozily to her feet.  But Liv has another surprise as she pulls out a can of Knockout Spray, taunting and mocking Bat Tracy as she stumbles around before hitting her full in the face with the gas. Bat Tracy wobbles and flops, wide eyes crossing until at last she falls to the ground, butt waving high in the air.
Eventually she comes to yet again, staggering to her feet, but Liv is prepared, this time flinging one of Bat Tracy’s Batarangs into her temple, making her stagger on weak legs before face-planting into the ground.  Over and over Liv humiliates and toys with her, waking her only to knock her out again, using Billy Clubs and needles, but Liv gets overconfident and Bat Tracy sees her chance, jabbing Liv in the butt with her own needle.  Liv’s eyes are now the one’s rolling as the drug sets in, and it’s time for a little Bat Justice!

Bat Tracy
Belly Punching
Knee Lifts
Head Scissors
Knockout Gas
Sleeper Hold
Rolling Eyes
Crossed Eyes
Rolling Tongue
Belly Stomping
Over The Shoulder Carry

Length: 28 min

Price: 23.99