We fade in on Rockin’ Rock-C and Sumiko, both ready for a standard pro battle that turns into a one-sided KO-fest!  Rock-C locks in a sleeper KO, followed by belly blows, a KO wall splash, a reverse bearhug, THREE KO suplexes, a brutal X-Factor, and a boston crab that barely elicits a reaction from the KO-drunk Sumiko!  An annoyed Rock-C applies a camel clutch on the barely conscious Sumiko, ragdolling her as the jobber’s eyes roll into the back of her head.   A leglock barely does anything, as we watch Sumiko groan ever so softly.  Enjoying this, Rock-C goes for THREE brutal DDTs that puts Sumiko’s lights out!

Rock C adds leg drops and elbow drops that stun Sumiko into lightly conscious state.  Several splashes continue to flatten Sumiko as Rock-C talks a ton of trash!  A sudden reversal backdrop KOs Sumiko yet again…and she becomes putty in Rock-C’s hands.  Rock-C lands a stunner KO, followed by a tight sleeper that turns Sumiko into an eyerolling mess!   Sumiko is COMPLETELY out at this point…leaving Rock-C no choice but to go for a pin.   She has an idea, however, and decides to call her buddy Tiffany Roxx in to take care of the post-KO Sumiko!

We fade in to a few hours later…as Tiffany comes in and finds Sumiko slowly coming to and trying to make her way to her feet.  She attacks with a sleeper hold that sends Sumiko back to Dreamland, following up with belly blows, a wall splash KO, and a figure four leglock.  Throughout all these, Sumiko is a barely conscious ragdoll…barely reacting to the pain as her brain continues to exist in a clouded state.  Tiffany follows her tag team partner’s lead, nailing THREE suplex KOs, leg drops, elbow drops, multiple DDT KOs, a one-armed chinlock, splashes, an X-Factor, a reverse bearhug, and a brutal Russian Leg Sweep to the semi-conscious and totally limp Sumiko!   Having had her fun, Tifany ends it all with a brutal fisherman’s neckbreaker and a final LUNG BLOWER that knock Sumiko back into merciful unconsciousness.  A final pin and over the shoulder carry seals the deal for a completely devastated Sumiko as we (and she) fade to black!



Length: 25 min

Price: 18.99