We fade in on Sapphire gloating in front of Katja, stating how easy it is to beat her and her “jobber sister” Helena!   This enrages Katja, leading to a shove to the wall and a barrage of angry blows to Sapphire’s belly!  Sapphire uses her strength to turn the tide, however, and slams Katja into the wall, nailing some belly punches and following it all up with a huge chokeslam KO!  She manages to wake Katja up and nails a SECOND chokeslam KO, followed by a face first slam into a nearby chair for yet another knockout.  She continues the KO barrage, nailing a POWER BOMB, PILEDRIVER, and TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER …only to finish her with an added SAPPHIRE BOMB…just for kicks!  Sapphire manages to wake Katja up with a belly claw and nails a SECOND Sapphire Bomb and a follow-up head shot with the SKW belt!  Katja stands there, eyes rolling, before dropping to the mats like a sack of potatoes.  A sleeper hold comes next, leaving Katja KO’ed and drooling on the mats…all while Sapphire trash-talks her in English AND Spanish!  At this point Katja is COMPLETELY out…but Sapphire isn’t done yet!

She strips Katja’s shirt off and uses it to choke her, causing even more drool to pour out of the girl’s lips.  She then proceeds to demonstrate just how unconscious Katja is!   She lands belly stomps, punches, a choke slam, multiple ragdolling, victory poses, a LIMP Tombstone Piledriver, belly splashes, belly claws, another set of Sapphire Bombs, and a second drooling sleeper…all barely noticed by the sleeping Katja!

She ends it all with a final uppercut that sends the already unconscious girl FLYING onto the mats.  She then adds insult to injury by writing the word “JOBBER” on Katja’s face…and the words “Helena and Katja: LOSERS” on her belly!  After a foot on face victory pose, Sapphire FINALLY and mercifully leaves Katja on the mats to sleep it off…


Length: 21 min

Price: 18.99